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Roaring Winds Roaring Winds

Niche use


Yet another skill which is quite powerful in the right circumstances, but useless everywhere else. This is basically the shout/chant version of Primal Echoes.
Improve it? Basically, add something to it so that it's useful in areas other than just hindering shouts and chants.
I was thinking:
Roaring Winds Roaring Winds. 10 Energy 4 Activation time 60 Recharge time.
Nature Ritual. Create a level 1...10...12 Spirit. All non-Spirit creatures within its range take 5...17...20% longer to activate Spells and Chants, and their Chants and Shouts cost 1...4...5 more Energy. Ranged attacks made within its range also have a 20% chance to miss. This Spirit dies after 30...54...60 seconds.
Yeah, basically I thought up these based off the theme (I like the name of this skill), but I don't really think the ranged missing bit fits with the other two bits (they kinda fit together) so I'm not sure how much use it would see - for example, a team (maybe some wacky rspike) that wanted it for the anti-spell, shout and chant bit wouldn't be able to take it due to the ranged bit and vice versa. If someone could come up with something a bit more streamlined, I'd go with that.
On the other hand, if you weren't using shouts, chants, ranged attacks or many spells, this could be quite powerful since it would help you a bit in lots of situations. Either way, it would have some chance of seeing some use, as opposed to none, like it does now.