Boris the Great

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Boris the Great
Bandit Firestarter.jpg
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Type Human
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 24
Campaign Beyond

Boris the Great is one of the Peacekeepers summoned to a secret meeting by Reisen the Phoenix and Apep, Unending Night.



Quests involved in:


"Yeah, I'm short, wanna fight about it?"
Ask "We should save our strength for our real enemies!"
"Yeah, you're right. If those Imperial Guards fight half as well as they dress themselves, this won't be an easy one..."
Ask "Hey, it's not the size of the bandit, it's the passion of the slashin'!"
"Did you just rhyme at me? I hate rhymes! Especially ones that are motivating in nature!"
Ask "Well you have fun down there..."