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For details on drop research, please see the Drop Research Project.

Add new drops to the respective mode table (Hard Mode or Normal Mode). If the drop is already listed, increase the number in the "Times Observed" column by 1.

Drop Research[edit]

Observed drops from Chest of Burrows:
Note: Since a lockpick is a guaranteed drop from this chest, please do not include it.

Normal Mode[edit]

Drop Times Observed
Adamantine Shield 1
Darkwing defender 1
Diamond 10
Gazing Scepter 1
Golden Machete 1
Golden Pillar 1
Iridescent Aegis 1
Maul of the Kinslayer 1
Plated Shield 1
Claws of the Kinslayer 1
Platinum Wand 1
Golden Talons 1
Wind Rider Polymock Piece 1
Onyx 2
Scepter of the Kinslayer 1
Staff of the Kinslayer 1
Bonecage Scythe 1
Platinum Longbow 1
Spear of the Kinslayer 1
Silver Boar Scepter 1
Harmonic Rod 1

Hard Mode[edit]

Drop Times Observed
Baneful Scepter 1
Bow of the Kinslayer 2
Blessed Chalice 1
Claws of the Kinslayer 2
Crescent Blades 1
Crude Axe 1
Diamond 4
Dragon's Breath Wand 1
Forked Spear 1
Golden Machete 1
Goldleaf Defender 1
Gloom Shield 1
Hypnotic Scepter 1
Icicle Staff 3
Iridescent Aegis 1
Onyx Gemstone 5
Ornate Scythe 1
Platinum Blade 1
Platinum Sickles 1
Razorclaw Scythe 1
Scrying Glass Staff 1
Scythe of the Kinslayer 1
Silverwing Recurve Bow 2
Spear of the Kinslayer 1
Stone Crusher 1
Tentacle Scythe 1
Wooden Buckler 1
Wooden Chakram 1
Heart of the Kinslayer 1

Unknown Mode[edit]

Drop Times Observed