Command Training

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Command Training
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by First Spear Dehvad
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Part of Battle Preparations
Preceded by Honing your Skills
(Elonian characters only)
Type Secondary quest

Train for basic control of Hero companions.

Quest information[edit]




Speak with Second Spear Binah by the gate to Churrhir Fields to the South of First Spear Dehvad to gain access to Churrhir Fields. Follow Tactician Haj's directions in using flags to direct the Heroes to each Area when asked. The flags are located at the bottom of the compass. There is a flag for each individual Hero, as well as one for the entire group. By clicking on a flag, and then click on the compass, players can position the hero to this location. Tactician Haj commands the party to take Area One, Two and Three respectively. There are two very easy to dispose of Razorback Skale at Area Two and Three. When each area's "bar" changes from red to blue, the party controls that area. Once all three are captured, Tactician Haj directs the party to return to Area One. Disable the flags by double-clicking the flag button for that Hero or group, or the red icon with the white cross to the right of the hero flags. See First Spear Dehvad in the city for the reward.

Be sure to look for Area signs. Hold down Alt to light up the yellow signs that represent each control area. Alternatively, use the map and look for flags there: a red flag is one of the areas captured by the enemy, a grey flag is an area that is not controlled by anyone, and a blue flag is an area the party is controlling.

Near Area Two, there is an NPC named Wounded Villager who is suffering from an unknown condition. If a hero has a condition removal skill, they will move out of the flag capture area to remove it. However, the hapless NPC's mystery condition is scripted and will be reapplied. This will trigger the hero to repeatedly cure this condition. For the sake of expediency, it may be best to capture Area Two using a hero without any condition removal ability, or simply Shift + click on the hero's condition removal skill to disable it.

The easiest way to complete this mission is the following: Rather than first capturing Area One as instructed, capture the other two areas, then capture Area One. This prevents Razorback Skales from spawning at Area Two and Three as would otherwise occur.





Control points


Initial dialogue[edit]

First Spear Dehvad
As a Sunspear you never fight alone. So, to be effective, you must learn to command those fighting with you on the field of battle. There are many new lessons to master. Command training will teach you the techniques you need to know to make tactical decisions during the heat of the battle. We can only provide you with the tools. What you do with them will determine your fate. When you are ready, report to Tactician Haj in Churrhir Fields to commence your training.
Yes Accept: "Right away!"
No Decline: "I think I need some more time."
Ask Ask: "Tactician Haj is waiting for you in Churrhir Fields."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Tactician Haj
Welcome back to Churrhir Fields, [Character Name]. Let me know when you are ready and I will separate you from your squad so you can learn to issue them commands.
Yes We are ready. (teleported to top of pillar)
No We are not ready yet.
Tactician Haj: "Arrayed around you are three areas to control. By issuing commands to your squad during this training session, you will capture these various areas under different circumstances."
Tactician Haj: "You must destroy all enemies surrounding an area to begin capturing it. Moving you or your squad outside the area will halt the capture process."
Tactician Haj: "To manually move your Heroes, use target flags. Target flags let you select a position in the world for your Heroes. Attached to your compass, you will find up to four flag buttons."
Tactician Haj: "To place a flag, click on the flag button and then click on the compass or somewhere in the world. Placing a flag causes the Hero to regard that location as "home.""
Tactician Haj: "Keep in mind that while Heroes are moving to a new location they will not execute any skill commands until after they reach the location set by the flag unless the flag is cancelled or otherwise overridden."
Tactician Haj: "Now use your squad to capture area one."

On capture of Area One:

Tactician Haj: Now use your squad to capture areas two and three."

On capture of all areas:

Tactician Haj: "Very well done! Talk to me if you need any more information about commanding your squad."

Reward dialogue[edit]

First Spear Dehvad
Looks like you made out in one piece. If you have any questions about commanding your squad during battle, Tactician Haj will be happy to answer them.


Bug Bug.If Area Two and Area Three are captured before capturing Area One, the quest can be finished by capturing Area One last, without the Razorback Skales spawning.
Bug Bug.Scared Razorback Skales glitch. If the Razorback Skales enters the player's earshot range, they will attempt to run up and attack. Failing to reach, they then run away and the hero nor the Skales will initiate combat. If the hero leaves the area that the bugged Skales belong to, they will run back to it.
Bug Bug.The quest can still be finished if the player teleports down before completing all objectives.
Bug Bug.Although it says "Use your hero to capture area one" Mercenary Heroes do not count and will result in failing the quest.
Anomaly Anomaly.If the areas are "captured" before talking to Tactician Haj, they will display as such during the quest. This will only become noticeable after talking to him.