Duties of a Lionguard

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Duties of a Lionguard
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Lionguard Riddik
in North Kryta Province
Followed by Bandit Trouble
Type Secondary quest
Duties of a Lionguard map.jpg
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Help Lionguard Riddik find Lionguard Orrin.

Quest information[edit]




Take the quest from Lionguard Riddik and walk a short distance north to Miraba's farm. Talk to Miraba to accept the quest reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Lionguard Riddik
"Let me ask you something. Do I look like someone with nothing better to do than stand here all day, every day? I didn't think so."
"So why is it that you can tell that even though we hardly know each other, but that thoughtless Orrin, after all the years we've been friends, thinks it's perfectly fine to go gallivanting about when he is supposed to be here, guarding the gate!? I bet he's off trying to romance Miraba again, even though it's clear she wants nothing to do with him."
"In fact, can you do me a favor and check? Her farm's just a short ways northwest of here."
Yes Accept: "Sure. I'll help you out."
No Decline: "Sorry. You're on your own."
Ask Ask: "If you don't see Orrin at the farm, ask Miraba. She'll know if he's been around."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"So you're looking for Orrin? I hope he doesn't owe you money. The sun hasn't risen on the day when Orrin couldn't weasel out of a debt or a duty. Well, he's bound to come slinking back here as soon as he has a new story about how he's reformed and is going to be something special someday. Sad thing is he could be, if he put his mind to it."
"Well, here's what I'll do, as a favor to you and everyone else he owes: I'll tell him a mighty «profession» came looking for him, stirring up trouble about his debts, and that I was terribly frightened for him and so on and so forth. That should get him on the straight and narrow for a few hours at least."