Lionguard Riddik

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Lionguard Riddik
Lionguard m.jpg
Affiliation Lionguard
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Prophecies
Lionguard Riddik map.jpg
Location in North Kryta Province,
right outside of Lions Arch.

Lionguard Riddik watches over the north-western entrance to Lion's Arch.



Quests given:


"Hail, traveler. I am Lionguard Riddik. I serve the Lionguard under Firstwatch Sergio. I have the honor of protecting the gate to Lion's Arch."
"Is there something you'd like to talk about?"
I have some questions.
"I'm sure I can provide any information you need."
What is this place?
"You are in North Kryta Province. The Lionguard patrols the road when it can, but the truth is that this area can still be hazardous. ."
"If it is civilization that you seek, you may enter through this gate. There is no greater city in Tyria than Lion's Arch."
Do you need any assistance?
"I thank you, but I believe I can attend to my duties without assistance. I do not mean to sound arrogant, but I once had the honor of sparring with Galrath himself in the practice yard.."
"If it is employment you seek, you should look for the White Mantle. They claim their standards are exacting and that they only accept "the Chosen" into their organization, but they always seem eager enough to recruit fresh bodies."
Where can I find the White Mantle?
"The White Mantle have a barracks just west of the city. They will pretend they chose the location for some holy significance, but just between us, Firstwatch Sergio does not allow them into Lion's Arch proper. Only the Lionguard may bear arms within the great city."


  • Lionguard Riddik may be named after Richard B. Riddick, the main character of The Chronicles of Riddick.