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Defile Enchantments Defile Enchantments: 17% Sacrifice1 Energy1 Activation time5 Recharge time, changed functionality to: "Hex Spell. For 1...6...7 seconds, Enchantments take three times as long to cast on that foe but your and your allies' Spells take twice as long to cast. If that foe was already suffering from a Necromancer Hex, that foe takes 20...68...80 shadow damage instead."

Desecrate Enchantments Desecrate Enchantments: 10 Energy1 Activation time25 Recharge time, changed functionality to: "Hex Spell. For 6 seconds, the next time target foe is the target of an Enchantment Spell, that Spell fails and that foe takes 5...41...50 damage and loses an Enchantment."


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