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Enchantment spell
Number of skills 235
Elite skills 61
Supertype Spell
Subtype Flash enchantment spell

Enchantment spells provide beneficial magic to yourself or an ally. They may protect you from attacking or provide an increase in your abilities, such as increased speed or Energy. A small yellow upward arrow on a character's Health Bar indicates that an Enchantment Spell has been cast on that character. When you encounter an exceptionally difficult foe, it is wise to check for Enchantments on that foe and then remove them if possible.

Nagozi, Expert Dervish

Skill Type. An enchantment spell is a type of spell that creates a positive effect with a duration. Enchanted creatures can be easily identified by the cloudy white ring that orbits them. An upward-pointing yellow triangle will display on an affected creature's target display and on the party window's health bar of an affected party member. Active enchantments on your own character will be represented in the effects monitor by their respective skill icons. See the full list of enchantment spells.


Enchantments always:

  • Have a duration. Usually the duration is finite, in rare cases with a renewal condition, except the following skills that have infinite duration :
  • Have a combination of initial effect, continuous effect and end effect, with at least one continuous or one end effect.
  • Are applied on allies, in opposition to hexes which always are applied on foes.

Equipment with benefits from enchantments[edit]

List of enchantment spells[edit]

Maintained enchantments[edit]

Main article: Upkeep

Enchantments created by maintained enchantments do not expire, but they require an upkeep of one pip (i.e. an energy degeneration rate of 0.33 energy per second).

Flash enchantments[edit]

These enchantment spells can be cast instantly to prevent them from interfering with attacking or movement.

Related skills[edit]


  • Weapons upgraded with an of Enchanting suffix increase by 10-20% the duration of enchantment spells cast by the wielder.
  • When an enchantment is reapplied before expiring:
    • If the current attribute rank would lower the values, the enchantment will continue at the higher values until the original enchantment expires.
    • If the current attribute rank is the same or higher than the original, the enchantment will behave as if newly cast at that value.
  • Mysticism (the Dervish primary attribute) reduces the costs of Dervish enchantments.
  • Dervish enchantments have a unique outline in the effects monitor.