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Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Profession Dervish Dervish
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Nagozi is a dervish trainer for the Order of the Sunspears. He teaches about area effects and enchantments.



To Dervishes or those without a secondary profession before selecting "Can you teach me some Dervish skills?":

"Nagozi. Dervish. Fight! I fight corsairs, protect Chahbek Village. Fight corsair who have big log. Log hit Nagozi on head. Now Nagozi much happier with world. World seem very simple. Nagozi fight corsair! You want learn fight corsair? Stack Enchantments! Fight like practice dummy. But without big log. Nagozi teach you!"

To Dervishes or those without a secondary profession after selecting "Can you teach me some Dervish skills?":

"You did good with the fighting. Fight more?"
Tell me about Enchantments.
"Enchantment spells provide beneficial magic to yourself or an ally. They may protect you from attacking or provide an increase in your abilities, such as increased speed or Energy. A small yellow upward arrow on a character's Health Bar indicates that an Enchantment Spell has been cast on that character. When you encounter an exceptionally difficult foe, it is wise to check for Enchantments on that foe and then remove them if possible."
Tell me about area effects.
"To fight effectively, you must study the circles of effect. As you approach your opponent, you become more dangerous to them, but he is more dangerous to you. In a similar manner, as you approach your allies, they can help you more, and you can help them more. There are four main areas of effect in combat, three of which we have demonstrated in our circles here. "Adjacent" applies to anyone close enough for you to swing a weapon at. "Nearby" is the next largest area of effect, and "in the area" describes the largest area of effect. The range of the fourth area of effect, "Earshot," equals the white circle known as the "danger zone" on your Compass."
Tell me about flash enchantments.
A flash enchantment is a special type of enchantment that has no cast time. Because they can be cast while moving, flash enchantments can be much more powerful than regular enchantments. However, flash enchantments disable your other flash enchantments for a short duration every time you cast one. Due to this disable time, you should be careful about equipping too many flash enchantments at one time.
Tell me about teardown skills.
A teardown skill is a type of Dervish skill that removes one of your Dervish enchantments to gain a stronger effect. These skills still work if you do not remove an enchantment, but the great benefits you gain from removing an enchantment make it advisable to always have a Dervish enchantment active before using them. To ensure that you can use all of your teardown skills when they are available, it's best to determine in advance how many Dervish enchantments you will need to bring.
Can you teach me some Dervish skills?
Nagozi teaches you the skills Whirling Charge, Heart of Holy Flame and Grenth's Fingers.

To those of other professions with the secondary profession already chosen:

"I make corsair sad to fight Dervish. Sad, and headless!"