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As observed here, Skeletons of Dhuum were added to stop the ridiculously fast speed clears. While they have slowed down speed clear groups, they have also made it much harder for balanced teams. While it is obviously not impossible to complete with a balanced group, it does seem counterintuitive to have balanced teams suffer because of the speed clearers. Damn them! :P So I propose the following which will keep the current dynamic for speed clear groups, but give balanced teams a benefit:

I propose a Blessing, given by each of your allies against Dhuum, the Reapers, which acts similarly to the blessings given by the Avatars of the gods which are summoned at res shrines, or the blessings given by the shrines in the mission Gate of Madness. This Blessing would provide temporary protection against the Skeletons of Dhuum. By temporary, I mean very temporary. In order to prevent this blessing from being abused in some other way, I propose a duration of 2 minutes. In essence, this Blessing would be used to assist balanced teams in some of the harder quests in the UW, namely, The Four Horsemen and Servants of Grenth. This blessing can be obtained from EACH Reaper, but can be obtained only ONCE from each Reaper.

The mechanism that I propose so that balanced groups, and not speed clear groups, can take advantage of this is to recode the Reapers to act like capturable shrines. Once the Reaper is "capped," the option to accept his Blessing becomes available. On normal capturable shrines, a meter is displayed on screen that shows negative or positive pips to show how fast the shrine is being capped or uncapped (by foes, etc). Once a balanced team approaches within cap range of a Reaper, the meter will display. If each Reaper's meter is set to have an automatic -4 cap rate, then it would take 5 people to produce a +1 pip cap rate, and 8 ppl to get the full +4 cap rate. Thus, a Reaper's Blessing would not become available unless a group of 5+ people were in range of that Reaper.