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Currently several Ranger interrupts recharge too fast and can be spammed on recharge with no drawback to the user. Savage Shot is slightly overpowered. Due to expertise this skill cost very little to use. Consider comparisons to similar skills, power return costs only 5 energy can interrupt a spell or chant and has a fast recharge 5 seconds, however the draw back to the skill is that the person being interrupted gains energy. Savage shot costs around 6 energy to use, deals damage and additional damage if that skill was a spell, interrupts ANYTHING and has a 5 second recharge with no draw back. Compare savage shot to savage slash, the latter relies on the person being in melee range for the interrupt to be sucessful. Both skills follow a similar format but savage shot is ranged and savage slash has a 15 second recharge. Savage Shot in its current form, rewards bad play.

Proposed change:

Bow Attack. If Savage Shot hits, your target's action is interrupted. If that action was a Spell, you strike for +13...25...28 damage.

Concise description

Bow Attack. Interrupts an action. Interruption effect: deals +13...25...28 damage if action was a spell.

Having a 10 second recharge will make people consider using this on more important skills rather than a skill they can mindlessly spam.