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This page is an official policy on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

Guild Wars Wiki is not totally inclusive of all Guild Wars-related content. This article describes what is to be retained and what is not.

The restrictions here only apply to "primary content" namespaces (main, Image, Category, Template). Pages in the User namespace have their own policy.

Information we always retain[edit]

Our goal is to become a complete set of documentation for Guild Wars. Along those lines, we retain all content that documents or describes current mechanics, terminology, game play, skills, equipment, strategy, and canon. Most of these pages are linked directly off the Main Page.


Redirects are generally an encouraged means to improve navigation of the wiki. These can assist users who are using the search function to go directly to the article they are trying to find without the need of selecting an entry from a list of search results. See Help:Redirect for information on how to create redirects.

Restrictions on content[edit]

Future events[edit]

Guild Wars Wiki does not retain information phrased as facts about the future. Important news on rumors and predictions should instead be expressed as facts about the prediction being made, and should properly reference the source. Example: Rather than "The next expansion will add X new professions", write "This article in (magazine name) reports that the next expansion will add X new professions" and provide appropriate links if possible. This applies even if the source is ArenaNet.

Sources should generally be noteworthy and verifiable as the source of the info (a cousin's friend's sister who knows a Guild Wars developer would not count).

Note that newly created articles that blatantly violate this might be subject to immediate deletion under Guild Wars Wiki:Deletion policy.


The Guild Wars Wiki retains information about player guilds exclusively in the Guild namespace. These articles must conform to the guild pages policy.


As detailed in our builds policy the Guild Wars Wiki retains information about common builds.


Information on dynamic prices (such as the buy/sell prices of specific items at trader NPCs or between players) is not to be retained. Information on static prices such as the sell value to a merchant NPC is acceptable.

External websites and applications[edit]

The Guild Wars Wiki retains information on any tools that players use in-game (such as voice chat). Fansites are dealt with in accordance with the the policy for fansites. We do not retain information that provides the means to violate, or advocates the violation of, the Guild Wars Terms of Service, such as information on sites that sell gold, provide farming bots, or facilitate account trading.

Copyrighted content[edit]

All content must be compatible with the site licensing terms to be retained. See Guild Wars Wiki:Copyrighted content.

Guild Wars 2[edit]

Content specific to Guild Wars 2 will not be kept here -- instead, add the content to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki. For content that is shared or overlapping, add only the parts that relate to Guild Wars (1).

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