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What are redirects?

A redirect, or a redirect page, is a page that silently diverts the reader from one article name to another. It is a very useful mechanism for article names that are commonly misspelled or abbreviated.

When to use redirects?
In general, redirect use is encouraged on this wiki. When a search is carried out using the "Go" button (on the wiki sidebar), the search engine will first attempt to find a page that matches that text exactly. Finding the article title typically improves performance if such a page might exist. For this reason, you are encouraged to create redirect articles for any situation that speeds up searching, such as:
How do we use redirects?
To create a redirect from one page to another use the following code on the article that you would like the reader to be directed from:
#redirect [[Target article name]]

For example, if you wanted to redirect readers of I will survive to the correctly named article I Will Survive! the you should add the following code to I will survive:

#redirect [[I Will Survive!]]

To change existing redirects just follow the link on the target page to get to the original page without auto-redirect.

Are there guidelines on redirect pages?
While redirect pages are easily created with the help presented above, there are formatting guidelines for redirect pages that editors are encouraged to try to conform to. The guidelines primarily specifies certain templates that should be added to all redirect pages to aid in the categorisation of those redirect pages. Please see the aforementioned guidelines for more details.
What is to be done on redirect targets?
There are several things to bear in mind for any redirect target (i.e. the page where you get redirected to). Most importantly, the redirect target should not confuse the reader. The content on the redirect target should not prompt the reader to wonder why they got redirected to that page. In other words, the redirection should be logical and the target page should attempt to explain why the reader got redirected, if it would not be otherwise obvious.

Another point to consider is that when choosing a redirect target, avoid choosing a page that is also a redirect itself. A redirect to a redirect would be a case of double redirection, which will not work as expected due to a built-in mechanism that prevents infinite redirection.