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Update - Thursday, October 23, 2008[edit]

Halloween Hullabaloo or the King's Kerfuffle[edit]

A petulant lord
Belligerently bemoans
And sobbingly roams.
Helpless ornate shriek
And serenely giggling knives
You'll laugh for your lives!
Glumly impatient
Smiling with menacing grace
Maniacal face.

Halloween Event[edit]

  • Made preparations for the Halloween events.

Guild Battle Changes[edit]

  • The brief damage immunity that players have when resurrecting at the shrine now protects against lifestealing effects.

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Moved Durmand and the other Bonus Mission Pack NPCs so they do not interfere with the Halloween celebrations.

Guild Wars Wiki notes[edit]

  • Blessing of the Kurzicks and Blessing of the Luxons give double faction for each kill (10 in normal mode, 20 in hard mode). - This note was included in the update notes for the following day
  • The poem included in this update is in haiku verse.
  • Amber Chunks and Jadeite Shards from the Factions Rewards NPC indicated that they cost 5,000 faction each. If option selected, would show that each Amber/Jadeite granted 5,000 points to title. - This was corrected in the update the following day