Grandpa Coalchack

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Grandpa Coalchack
Krytan old m.jpg
Affiliation Wintersday
Type Human
Level(s) 15
Campaign Prophecies

Grandpa Coalchack waxes nostalgic of past Wintersdays.



When spoken to:

"Grettings youngster. They call me Grandpa Coalchack, and I've been celebrating Wintersday since, oh, before you were born. I've seen many a contest between Dwayna and Grenth here, many a contest. Always exciting, a thrill a minute, as they say. 'Course, I've always been a Dwayna man, myself. Back in the day, I could blind a man with a snowball at fifty feet! Ah, Wintersday. Nothing quite like it."

Idle quotes (in order):

"Every Wintersday season, Dwayna overcomes Grenth and the cold of winter to spread peace throughout the land, and bring warmth to the hearts of children. And sure enough, spring always follows winter. Sure, maybe the peace is short-lived, and the children would rather have some hot soup, but anyone who tells you Grenth wins is sellin' you a bill o' goods, youngster."
"Why, I remember the festival...must have been twenty years ago, when Dwayna made some special presents designed to stop the Gretches. Whenever they were destroyed, they would fill the air with a smell like flowers. Those stinkers didn't know what hit 'em! You know, you kind a smell like flowers yourself...."
"I ever tell you about the time Dwayna put wings on the Grentches? Crazy little cretins didn't actually know how to fly, of course. Some say there's a flock of wild Grentches fluttering around in the clouds to this very day. I reckon they'd have to be dead by now, but still... flyin' Grentches! Never laughed so hard in all my life..."