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Activities Of Daily [LiFe]

Activities Of Daily LiFe
Territory America
Language English
Leader I Despot I
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Time zone PST

Activities of Daily [LiFe] or ADL is a small but growing kurzick guild offering many areas of help and entertainment. We are a non discriminatory, and members must understand the limits of joking. We want to have fun and help each other. Our cape is not permanent, we will have opportunities for many members to make decisions on how it is designed as well as different designs during holiday seasons.

Some Benefits of our guild: Weekly scheduled events within the guild with prizes. as well as recruitment bonuses and probationary rewards for newer members. We also provide mission help and runs to several areas in the game that will help you get your game done easier.

Weekly Events: Put your skills to the test and duke it out against other guild members to hone your skills and earn the prizes. You can earn some cool prizes. Prizes include anything from a keg to some rare skin Q9 Gold weapons and regular/ elite tomes depending on what you need.

Recruiting Bonus: Helping our guild grow is rewarding in itself, but to sweeten the pot, we have included bonuses for your dedication to help us grow. Rewards for services are granted weekly. The more members you get to stay with us the better your bonus. So get out there and earn that commision! (:D)

Faction Bonus: We would love to earn enough faction to own a town, But that does take alot. One thing we will be working on is a bonus Guild Wide for certain tiers of faction starting at 1 mill. Once we reach 1 million faction in the guild there will be a bonus split between the entire guild. After a while we will see the people who dedicate more to that and they shall receive a large gold bonus. The Tiers for the faction rewards are 1 mill, 5 million, 10 million, and finally 25 million.


We do not have many requirements for our recruits. We do ask:

That you are active atleast 1 time per week, even if it is only to check in. If you are not able to do so please let an officer or the leader know.

Please make use of our members with more experience, and be there for those with less. We all need help with something, and we want to help you, we also hope that you will help the other ones that need it too.

Contact information

If you are interested in joining us please contact our leader or one of our officers.

I Despot I

Rena Devine

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown