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Guild Bad Wolf Corporation banner.png

Bad Wolf Corporation WOLF
Guild Bad Wolf Corporation Cape.jpg
Territory International
Faction Faction (Kurzick).jpg Kurzick
Type PvE & Social
No. of members 90+
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude
Webpage Bad Wolf Alliance
Time zone every time zone

Guild Bad Wolf Corporation logo.jpg About Us

We welcome new members and look forward to meeting new allies from across all three Guild Wars campaigns. Though our forums have recently moved from their previous location, the spirit of cooperation and friendly, casual gameplay continues at our new home, where our members continue organizing events, including trips to the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld, the Domain of Anguish, the Deep, and Urgoz’s Warren, as well as organized trips through the storyline missions of Cantha, Elona, and Tyria to assist our members in obtaining Protector titles. In addition to these events, we routinely take advantage of special weekends put on by ArenaNet, whether it’s getting a chance to let some of our American and European players to explore the Fissure and the Underworld together, or teaming up for Canthan New Year quests and town celebrations. Currently we are enjoying the recent release of hard mode and helping each other through the challenges this new form of gameplay presents.

Guild Bad Wolf Corporation logo.jpg Guild Structure

Leader: Cymbeline Sengure
Officers: Reyna Pandemonium
Delilah Blue
Squeeky Toy
Scorp Blightshadow
Empraim Wainwright
Sol Faithman
Blurry Eyez

Guild Bad Wolf Corporation logo.jpg History

  1. Original message board thread received numerous replies, discussion of forming an alliance begins.
  2. Official Kurzick and Luxon alliances are formed, under the leadership of Lenore Winter. Original alliance forums are set up.
  3. With the release of Nightfall, Kurzick alliance leading Bad Wolf Corporation’s guild hall moves from Imperial Isle to the Isle of Solitude.
  4. New, improved alliance forums open for use.
  5. Official HA and GvG teams are started.
  6. Leadership passes from Lenore Winter to Cymbeline Sengure.
  7. The founding Guild Bad Wolf Corporation celebrates its first birthday 19th April, 2007.
  8. The relationship with the Luxon side ended amicably.
  9. The Bad Wolf Corporation Alliance celebrates one year of activity on 13th May, 2007.
  10. The Alliance move from the old site to the more appropriately named: 24th March 2008.
  11. The founding Guild Bad Wolf Corporation celebrates its second birthday 19th April, 2008.
  12. The Bad Wolf Corporation Alliance celebrates two years of activity on 13th May, 2008.

Guild Bad Wolf Corporation logo.jpg Rules & Guidelines

We have no hard and fast rules above and beyond common courtesy and respect for your alliance-mates. Please make an effort to conduct yourself in a mature, friendly manner. Out of consideration for our minor members, please keep the language and tone of alliance chat at a reasonably kid-friendly level. Don’t mistake alliance chat for trade chat. Don’t spam or beg. Be mindful of the fact that this is a game and everyone is here to have fun and you will fit in fine!

Guild Bad Wolf Corporation logo.jpg Join the Guild or the Alliance

Both the Bad Wolf Guild and the Bad Wolf alliance is open for new members. join

Guild Bad Wolf Corporation logo.jpg Languages in the Guild & Alliance

The predominant language used by both alliances is English, but we have many members from around the world who can speak in various languages. Having members who can communicate in numerous different languages is just one of the many benefits of having a truly international alliance.

Det mest brugte sprog i begge alliancer er engelsk, men vi har mange medlemmer fra over alt i verden som kan tale forskellige sprog. Det at have medlemmer som kan kommunikere på flere forskellige sprog er bare en ud af mange fordele ved at have en sand international alliance.

La langue prédominante employée par les deux alliances est l'anglais, mais nous avons beaucoup de membres de partout dans le monde qui peut parler dans diverses langues. Avoir des membres qui peuvent communiquer dans de nombreuses différentes langues est juste un des nombreux avantages d'avoir une alliance véritablement internationale.

Die überwiegende Sprache, die durch beide Bündnisse verwendet wird, ist Englisch, aber wir haben viele Mitglieder um von der Welt, die in den verschiedenen Sprachen sprechen kann. Mitglieder zu haben, die in den zahlreichen unterschiedlichen Sprachen in Verbindung stehen können, ist gerade eins des vielen Nutzens des Habens eines wirklich internationalen Bündnisses.

كانت اللغة الساءده في كل من التحالفات الانكليزيه لكن لدينا الكثير من الاعضاء حول العالم الذين يتحدثون بلغات مختلفة. ان الاعضاء الذين يمكنهم الاتصال في العديد من لغات مختلفة هي مجرد واحدة من الكثير من المنافع التي حقا التحالف الدولي.

両方の同盟によって使用される優勢な言語は英語であるが、話すことができるかだれが様々な言語で私達は多くのメンバーを世界中から有する。多数の異なった言語で伝達し合うことができるメンバーを偽りなく国際的な同盟を持っていることの多くの利点のちょうど1 つである持っていることは。

두 연립 전부에 의해 사용된 우위한 언어는 영어이다, 그러나 누구가 각종 언어에서 말할 수 있는지 우리는 많은 일원이 세계적으로 있다. 수많은 다른 언어에서 교통할 수 있는 일원이 정말 국제적인 연립이 있는의 많은 이득의 다만 것이다 있는 것은.

两个同盟使用的语言主要是英语, 但我们也有许多来自世界各地的成员, 会讲各种语言。国际同盟的许多好处之一就是有能以其他语言沟通的成员。

השפה השולטת בה אנו משתמשים בשתי הבריתות הינה אנגלית, אך יש לנו אנשים מכל העולם המדברים בשפות שונות. היכולת של אנשים לתקשר במספר שפות שונות היא רק אחת התועלות של ברית בינלאומית.

Molempien allianssien hallitseva kieli on englanti. Jäsenet tosin ovat eripuolilta maailmaa ja näinollen puhuvat äidinkielenään monia muitakin kieliä, ja jäsenten monikielisyys on vain yksi tämän oikeasti kansainvälisen allianssin eduista.

Det mest använda språket i båda allianserna är engelska, men vi har många medlemmar från hela världen som kan tala olika språk. Att ha medlemmar som kan kommunicera på många språk är bara en av fördelarna med att ha en verkligt internationell allians.

Deze twee groepen spreken engels, maar we hebben een heleboel leden die een andere taal spreken. Dit is weer zo'n voordeel van een echte internationale alliance.

Bad Wolf Corporation Alliance
Leader Bad Wolf Corporation
Members Drunk on Arrival • Elite Force Four Twenty • Human Alliance • Monty Python Flying Circus • Octavain Heroes • Silverback Wolves • White Lotus Clan • Z E N