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Biscuit Of Dewm [MEEP]
File:Guild Buscuit Of Dewm cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 69
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
IRC channel #meep on GameSurge

Biscuit of Dewm [MEEP]



The guild leader Red (IGN: Daniel Highwind) purchased Guild Wars to play with some friends; shortly he brought his wife Rachel (Lady Eviance ) into the game, and then they in turn got her brother Ryan (Krionn Omnifiend) to also join in the fun. Things weren't so great in their first guild which belonged to Red's friends. One night, a ton of drama started between their leader and Ryan. By the end of the night , all 3 were guildless and had taken two friends, the only recruits besides Red's family and the friends, with them. Thinking they would just make a holding guild so as not to have to whisper each other all the time, they sat around Ascalon City for a while in the charred ruins debating on a name. Red and Rachel had a daughter that they called Biscuit, and they often teased her impatience by calling her the Biscuit of Dewm. Ryan found this to be an amusing name for the guild and being that it was just a "holding" guild they went with it.

Shortly there after they pulled a ton of friends from the fansite message board for author Terry Goodkind... and it just kept growing! Biscuit of Dewm [MEEP] has been together since October 27, 2005. It grew so much that, in order to allow continued growth, the members ended up creating a new guild, starting it off with a core group of tight-knit friends who had themselves come into [MEEP] from their own alliance. [MEEP] has one rule that stands out above all the others: No Drama! Other than that it's about community, friends, and fun.


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First our guild went to Blazin Dragons [BD], and we held Harvest Temple for a short few hours. However, the alliance didn't offer everything we wanted--it just seemed too loose for our tastes. We had been talking with Scars Meadows [SMS] and hanging out a lot with its members in's IRC channel, so when we left [BD] we joined [SMS].

They were community oriented with no real goal as an alliance other than being friends. We loved the sense of friendship there! A lot of fun was had in that alliance, but eventually all good things come to an end. [SMS] decided that they wanted to go in a different direction--they felt things had gotten too big and they wanted to get back down to their roots. It was probably one of the saddest partings in Guild Wars history for [MEEP].

[MEEP] itself had gotten too big for its roster long ago had created another guild, Eggo of Despair [MEEP], but people were reluctant to leave friends behind and they had others elsewhere as well. When the issue of a full guild roster presented itself a second time, however, the members of [MEEP] were better prepared. Many people spread across the Gwen Is [EVIL] alliance had joined [MEEP] in order to have more people to play with. When the time came to work out a solution to the full guild roster, [EVIL] leaders and [MEEP] officers Astro & Isabella facilitated a transfer of the old alliance members from [MEEP] into [EVIL]. As both a second [MEEP] guild as well as a revitalization of their original guild, [EVIL] & [MEEP] continue to grow.

Contact Information


  • Esprit Dumort


  • Daniel Highwind
  • Lady Eviance
  • Sauce Monster
  • Erilyn Stormsinger
  • Marie Talzek
  • Nostram Lyriou
  • Natalia The Saint

Biscuit Of Dewm Alliance
Leader Biscuit Of Dewm
Members Unknown