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Blades Of Disruption [BOD]

Blades Of Disruption [BOD]
Language American English
Leader Izzandor The Dark and I Be Burning You
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP See Guild Leader or Officer for info

Blades of Disruption was started in December 2008 by Izzandor the Dark. We are a friendly and helpful guild. We always like making dungeon runs. We do PvE and AB, title hunting, vanquishing, and someone makes a dungeon run daily. We are part of a friendly and helpful alliance. We are now in CCM alliance. We are a very tight knit group. We are always joking around and making each other laugh. In Blades of Disruption someone is always on to answer any questions you have or if you just want some company on a run, don't hesitate to ask. We love to help. So enjoy the Guild Wars community and have fun.

Contact information

Guild Leaders

Izzandor The Dark

I Be Burning U

Guild Officers

This Could Be Bad

Scryer Of Spirts

King Joker Dude

Urik Farkov

We are looking for active member dungeon/elite mission daily very helpful we will never turn anyone down come join the fun wisper us in game were always on. Newly added vent makes the game from inpersonal to personal we are a close group of all backgrounds and from every country from the Netherlands to austraila come have fun

Central Council Of The Midlands Alliance
Leader Central Council Of The Midlands
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