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Electric Celerity [EC]

Electric Celerity [EC]
Guild Electric Celerity cape.png
Territory America
Faction Faction (Kurzick).jpg Kurzick
Type PvE Running Guild
No. of members 1
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Webpage None

About Us

Electric Celerity is the top running guild in Guild Wars, and has been for years. Lead by God of Fissures, only the best and most experienced runners are able to join the ranks. Not only can our members run at record times, they are also actively involved in discovering faster, safer ways to run different areas of the game.

Electric Celerity is a PvE Running Guild created by leader God Of Fissures on November 28, 2009. The name was derived from words that mean speed and excitement, which show how we operate as runners.

electric : electrifying; thrilling; exciting; stirring

celerity: swiftness; speed

The guild's purpose is to gather experienced runners into one solid group. This guild will not be bogged down by inexperienced players or by disruptive, immature individuals.

What We Can Offer

The mission of Electric Celerity is to provide experienced runners with a professional and friendly atmosphere. By joining Electric Celerity, you will be among the most experienced and mature runners in the game. Members can expand on their current running skills while enjoying the company of other experienced players. Becoming a better runner will come in the form of tutorials in and outside the guild hall, practice races with the guild, and self experimentation.

Joining Electric Celerity will grant you access to the following knowledge:

   Advanced running builds
   High-end running techniques
   Running Desolation without a wurm
   Running Bone Palace and Vabbi Tours in Nightfall
   Becoming a racer and speedrunner
   And much more!

As a member you are expected to follow strict rules of conduct. This includes respect and politeness. There will be no public display of bad behavior in public chat. This means no calling out people in the middle of Beacon's Perch because they have a different opinion than you. Keep it clean, there is a reputation to uphold here. Being active atleast two times a week is very important. Being involved with the guild and helping out where you can is also expected. Although before you can join Electric Celerity, you must have a tryout. This tryout is performed by the guild leader or an officer and is a series of tests to determine your aptitude as a runner and as an individual.


Joining Electric Celerity requires passing a rigorous tryout.

Private message God of Fissures or any officers in game for a full list of requirements to join.



  • God of Fissures: specializes in desolation and Eye of the North runs


  • Demonic Sin Ex: specializes in speed clears and desolation runs
  • Im Staying: specializes in Faction and Tyria runs