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Fellowship Of Flanders [FoF][edit]

Fellowship Of Flanders [FoF]
Guild Fellowship Of Flanders cape.jpg
Territory Europe Europe 70x40.png
Language Flemish/Dutch
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members Around 60
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Time zone GMT+1 (Brussels)

Fellowship Of Flanders is a Belgian guild, founded by Joram The Dunedain. Later, his leadership passed on to Roelski The Deadly who is now the current leader of [FoF].


- Roelski The Deadly

Guild Fellowship Of Flanders Roelski The Deadly.jpg


- Lord Mathi

- Gilath Yggdrasill

- Tyr Of Glory ( Female characters goes under Sechmed )

- D E I M O Z

- Yuuka Hotaru ( Amorn )

- Jonas of Arnor

- Joram Arothar


Only Flemish players are allowed, no exeptions.

(Alleen Vlamingen zijn toegelaten, er zijn geen uitzonderingen.)

Contact information[edit]

Ben jij Vlaming en heb je interesse? Stuur dan een IGM naar Roelski The Deadly, onze leider of naar 1 van onze officers. Of ga naar Contact op onze website. [[

Amorn's Holocaust 2008[edit]

Event organised by Yuuka Hotaru, more info on the site's forum ]]

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown