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Fellowship Of Flanders [FoF]

Fellowship Of Flanders [FoF]
Guild Fellowship Of Flanders cape.jpg
Territory Europe Europe 70x40.png
Language Flemish/Dutch
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members Around 60
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Time zone GMT+1 (Brussels)

Fellowship Of Flanders is a Belgian guild, founded by Joram The Dunedain. Later, his leadership passed on to Roelski The Deadly who is now the current leader of [FoF].


- Roelski The Deadly

Guild Fellowship Of Flanders Roelski The Deadly.jpg


- Lord Mathi

- Gilath Yggdrasill

- Tyr Of Glory ( Female characters goes under Sechmed )

- D E I M O Z

- Yuuka Hotaru ( Amorn )

- Jonas of Arnor

- Joram Arothar


Only Flemish players are allowed, no exeptions.

(Alleen Vlamingen zijn toegelaten, er zijn geen uitzonderingen.)

Contact information

Ben jij Vlaming en heb je interesse? Stuur dan een IGM naar Roelski The Deadly, onze leider of naar 1 van onze officers. Of ga naar Contact op onze website. [[

Amorn's Holocaust 2008

Event organised by Yuuka Hotaru, more info on the site's forum ]]

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown