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Frozen Agony [frag][edit]

Frozen Agony [frag]
Guild Frozen Agony Cape.gif
Territory Europe
Language German
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP (GvG)
No. of members 8
VoIP Ventrilo
IRC channel,
Time zone MEZ/MESZ (UTC+1/UTC+2)

Founded in March 2007, Frozen Agony was a german competitive Guild Wars team. It disbanded on 5th December 2007.


Contact information[edit]

Although [frag] doesn't exist anymore, you can find some ex-members here:



Members (at the time of disbanding)[edit]

  • Artemis (Legendary Artemis)
  • Crystal (Confusing You)
  • Faver (Epiphany Faver)
  • Godguard (Ragemode Godguard)
  • Henchie (Wtf Is Henchie)
  • Sparkling (Sparklings The One)
  • SteveDavies (Steve Davies)
  • Warlord (Luna Of Warlord)

mentioned in alphabetical order

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Leader Enjoy Teh Silence
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