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Golden Lotus Guild [GLG]

Golden Lotus Guild [GLG]
Guild Golden Lotus Guild cape.jpg
Language eng
Leader Flying Paper Tiger
Faction Kurzick
Type pve & pvp
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP xfire
IRC channel golden lotus guild
Time zone est

WE are recruiting for PvE and PvP We do a lot of quests, missions, Zaishen Mission,Bounty,and combat, dungeons, Elite Areas in Normal Mode or Hard Mode. When fighting A.I. becomes a little redundant the guild enjoys participating in Random/Codex Arena, Alliance Battles, Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood. And Farming We pride ourselves - and expect it of all of our members - in helping others (either strangers, fellow members or allied members) with quests, missions or farming and the occasional spare weapon, scroll or what have you. In doing so we help newcomers to the game learn and enjoy the game that we like playing and perhaps gain a new Guild member.

Contact information

Golden Lotus Guild Alliance
Leader Golden Lotus Guild
Members Unknown