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Knights of Albion [ALB]

Knights Of Albion [ALB]
Guild Knights Of Albion cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Luxon
Type PvE mostly (though civil war breaks out occasionally)
No. of members ~99
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle

The Knights of Albion Guild consists of a friendly (more or less), helpful (blood thirsty) group of keen Guild Wars players (scoundrels):p We host events for our members regularly. For example:

  1. In the Pvp area we have 1vs1 scrimmage matches, Alliance battles (massacres) and so on.
  2. In PvE, apart from the usual "elite" events (Tomb of the Primeval Kings, Sorrows Furnace and the like) we often hold welcoming events for our new members (guild-wide-provided help for missions etc), hide & seek and scavenger games, races, dance competitions and much more fun during general game play.
  3. Actually we've even gone beyond that since we host events for our community in general via our always active forum (guild banner/best GW comic/slide show contests, auctions...) so be ready for surprises in that area too.
  4. In addition, as any good guild should, we like to assist in the training of ALL player types by helping each other with not only the missions and quests, but with farming and even constructing suitable 'builds' to further enhance game play experience.

Nevertheless, what really sets us apart is the fact that we don't just play together, we're more than that: good friends. We like to hang out with each other be it chatting, farming, vanquishing, doing missions or simply stargazing silently among friends during the night. And that's something that can't be found in any guild...


For those of you who are desperate enough to join us, recruitment can be done in game (the following officers will be online for most part of the day: Morakai Anubis, Yue Ling Lok, Nefeli of Mirrors, Flik Suik, Lord Watashi Wa, The Lizard Runnner and our most esteemed leader Lady Graye. For more information please feel free to visit the Knights of Albion forum listed below-though due to recent bot attacks we've set it up so that new members will have to wait for forum account activation by the administrator (so joining us might take slightly longer this way).

Contact information


The Nights Watch Alliance
Leader The Nights Watch
Members Ascendent Shadow Heroes • Guild Of The Chilled • Knights Of Albion • Shadowbanes Hunters • The Blessed Blades • Tormented Realm Of The Unknown