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The Knights of Gryphon [KoG]

Knights Of Gryphon [KoG]
Guild Knights of Gryphon Cape.png
Territory Americas
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE + Social, Occasional PvP
No. of members 25+
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
VoIP Teamspeak
Time zone Eastern Standard (GMT-5)

The Knights of Gryphon were established in May 2005 within the MMORPG Guild Wars by two long-time gaming friends who have literally grown up together in the Western Michigan Information Technology field. As of 2012, KoG remains active for adult players, though diminished due to waiting for Guild Wars 2 to arrive. The guild will continue in GW2, with the leader and officers having already pre purchased the game.

What's in a Name?

The name "Gryphon" -- or one of it's iterations ('Griffon', 'Griffin') -- has been used in the moniker of these pals for the last decade -- and they've been "online" since the days of the first hugely popular networkable FPS game franchises: Doom, Quake(Quad Axe ftw!), and Tribes. In the FPS world, they were most commonly known as "Griffon[R]" (aka "J") and "Griffon[Z]", and have been gaming online for 20 years.

So...why choose "Gryphon" as the name? It goes back to their love of hockey as season ticket holders for the very successful American Hockey League team from Grand Rapids -- the Griffins -- who also happen to be the top minor league affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings.

Who are the Knights of Gryphon?

Z (name withheld pending release from civil authorities) became the Guild Leader when he acquired the 2K necessary to register the guild and cape in pre-searing Ascalon faster than his "R" counterpart. Z's first character, a warrior named "Gryphons Hammer", became the guild leader. Griffon[R] became "Gryphon Radwing", a death-prone Mesmer with nice cuffs on his coat. Gryphon Radwing is the co-leader of KoG and was the first officer appointed in the guild.

The guild colors hearken back to the days of knights and ladies where gold represented wealth and purple was tied to royalty. The checked pattern was reflective of the bold statements found on the banners of nobility. As these colors are also complimentary on the color wheel, they are quite distinctive and can easily be discovered in any town or outpost.

(Contrary to popular belief, the guild colors are in no way linked to some repressed Freudian fantasy of the leadership to be Los Angeles Lakers cheerleaders...)

The goal of the guild was to primarily focus on team gaming within the richness and depth of the PvE environment, with occasional forays into PvP. The unique twist on KoG is that it is an all-adult guild with the only minors being children of guild members. KoG's primary membership is found in the Eastern Standard Timezone of the United States, but draws membership from all over the Lower 48. KoG rarely recruits, but always enjoys gaming with those that like to have a good time and unwind after a long day.


KoG first began an informal Alliance when Gryphon Radwing met Sofi Anguisola in a pick-up group. Sofi, having just come off a horrid PUG experience, was glad to see there were actually some nice, fairly intelligent counterparts to her wit and "directional skills" (tee hee hee) in the game. As the Leader of The Black Hand Gang [BHG], the two guilds became quick friends.


Guild Leader: Gryphon Radwing (Jason aka J - West Michigan)

Guild Officers:

  • Gryphons Hammer (Co-leader) (Brent aka Z! - West Michigan)
  • Zabrina Morder (Steve - Illinois)
  • Lady Drusilla (Alan - West Michigan)
  • Nardo the Foul (Bernie - West Michigan)
  • Lycan Chaos (Kevin - West Michigan)
  • Seven Ty (Thomas - Florida)
  • VonGooding (Eric - West Michigan)
  • Ryan Arrowswift (Zach - West Michigan)
  • Selena Firestorm (Jessica - West Michigan)

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