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Legion Of Tyrian Furries [Furs]

Legion Of Tyrian Furries [Furs]
Guild Legion Of Tyrian Furries cape.jpg
Territory Worldwide
Language English
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 39
Guild Hall Wizards Isle
Forums Discontinued due to lack of interest

This is a FURRY ONLY guild.

I founded this guild in 2005 so furs could be together without any nonfurs. >>>>> We are a PvE guild <<<<<, laid back, relaxed, and play the game to have fun rather than focus on grinding in arenas or any of that. This is NOT a guild for hard core PvPers, and NOT a guild for anyone not a fur!


Expectations of members:
1) Love to have fun
2) Be laid back, relaxed, and don't take the game to seriously e.g. casual
3) Helpful to the other members
4) No flamers

1) You must be a fur
2) You meet the expectations
That's it!

Contact information

If you are a fur and interested in a relaxed, PvE guild, then this is it. We have no requirements except that you have fun. You will only be ejected if you are inactive for a year or more

Current Leadership:

Leader and Founder
Furry Krewe Leader

Yiffy The Foxxie
Black Enceladus
Sinbad The Wolf
Umbra Darcar