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Order Of The Bloodsoaked Rose [Rose][edit]

Order Of The Bloodsoaked Rose [Rose]
Guild Order Of The Bloodsoaked Rose cape.jpg
Territory Everywhere
Language Anything, but mainly English
Leader Priestess Purify/ Arbiter Of Druids
Faction Luxon
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members 29 Members, 10 Officers
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
Forums Rose Forum
Time zone GMT+1

We're a bunch of gamers of a variety of different ages and nationalities spanning from as low as 13 to 24 and beyond. (Not saying your the old timer Fx :P). A laid back guild within a laid back alliance are we. We belong to The Last Exiles [TLE] alliance run by the one and only Lain Abul, thank you for the home and great environment you've given us Lain :).

I won't bore you with the history of our guild, as it spans back over two years. We've had many ups and downs, laughs and cries, tears and cheers and alot of moaning and groaning (*Cough Mainly Albi Cough*). I Tom or Arb as some know me within the guild, or even Priestess as the alliance knows me am the founder of Rose. Its been like a home away from home and a wide unrelated family. Sure, we're not the greatest guild ever, although some try to boss everyone into making it (*Cough Albi Again Cough* :D). But we like to see ourselves as fun loving people who don't really care about the highs and lows, are just on GW to screw around with some chums and are out for some fun and adventure... Woah, I used "and" alot in that last sentence :S...Anyway...

We've all had our great experiences from GW and our bad ones, my greatest moment would personally be when I met my best friend. Medallion Bonito, and my worst being... Well... Lets not go into that :). We are quite fond of chillin and just bummin about, I guess you could call it the reason why our guild isn't so amazing after all ahehe :P. We're all looking forward to GW2 as we wish to recreate Rose again.


If you've given up on making your account uber and your looking for a laid back place to stay where no-one really cares, we're the guild for you. Sure we're not incredible like the top guilds, but we sure are some of the most awesome people you'll ever meet in an online game.

Contact information[edit]

Ohh, I should really get on about our forum! Okay here goes!..

Rose Forum

We have a forum which is awesome, its just plain "I don't actually give a damn" we have a section like !Every! forum does "The Rules" but... Well...No-one pays attention to them :P, you can come on one day swear your head off and no-one gives a toss. So for all those reading this, Sign-Up if you wish to, spam some crap see if we care. If you wish to speak to some random people and not be judged, or if you need a random stranger to open up to and not be criticized. We're your guys and gals :D (Nothing perverted or pedofilic related).

The Last Exiles Alliance
Leader The Last Exiles
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