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Passionate Kiss Of Torment

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I Karnor I
Cazzy Tezz
Ashanti The Good
Shade Insanity

6 Years of KISS history has been full of events that have had a great impact on the Guild Wars Community. The full list of which can be found here.

KISS Alliance has endured throughout the entirety of Guild Wars. There is nothing that KISS can't do and it will continue to show that in Guild Wars 2. While KISS is a prominent force in Guild Wars it will be an even stronger and better Guild leading the way in Guild Wars 2. More information on KISS can be found here.

A few words from the Alliance Leader and Founder of KISS.

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Guild Information

20 Active Guilds
Kurzick and Luxon
No Requirements
6 Years Old
Everyone Welcome
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Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2
Active Ventrilo
World of Warcraft Guild
Steam Community
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Passionate Kiss Of Torment [KISS]
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Territory International
Faction Luxon and Kurzick

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Leader Passionate Kiss Of Nosferatu
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