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Prepare For Some Doom [PfsD]

Prepare For Some Doom [PfsD]
Guild Prepare For Some Doom cape.jpg
Language German
Leader Verjigorm Era Gar Nienor Dan Heza
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 28
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
Time zone CEST

Prepare for Some Doom was founded 17.11.2006
by a group of young Heros(Elora,Nienor and Tanaris) discovering Tyria.
For a while the three of them discovered the Lands of Tyria and Cantha alone in their small Group but as time went by they found other adventurers joining them on their ways.

As a Guild we´re trying to keep up a spirit of friendship,
Getting along together is more important to us than being a huge Guild,
some of our members are friends in real life, some became friends over guild wars.
Our guild is a PvE only guild, some of us play Alliance Battels for fun but all in all we dont have much experience or interests in PvP.
We are interested in pretty much everything in PvE though ;-)
Respect,friendly behaviour and active Teamplay are the most important "Rules" for our Guild.


We are a mixed bunch of people considering age and experience in Guild Wars.
Right now we are around ~30 man and women aged 16-35, the average age is around 20.
In generall we are recruting people over 18 since intresstes, behaviour and online times match better.
But sometimes age doesnt say anything
thats why we also have some nice people under 18
The Decision to take younger ones in depends on the impression of the individual person.
What do we expect from our members?
We want active teamplayers that value the fun playing in a group higher than their InGame achievements.
Of course we do respect everyones Real life,casual-gamers are as welcome as very active gamers are.
For more information visit our Guild´s Page or contact us InGame

Contact information

Verjigorm Era Gar
Nienor Dan Heza

Fire Joystick
Grim Niding
Painful Tiger
Mia Dawnbringer

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Leader Wolf Guard
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