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Rebel Rising [rawr]

Rebel Rising [rawr]
Guild Rebel Rising cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP
Cape trim Gold
No. of members ~15
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage Rebel Rising
Forums Rebel Rising Forum

Founded by Awowa and Pounds in December, 2006, Rebel Rising is a competitive Guild Wars team. The guild's historical rank from the times of its heyday can be found here. Rebel Rising has won more gold capes than any other guild since the release of Guild Wars.

Accomplishments in "Rebel Rising"

Note: Rebel Rising [rawr] is the first guild to obtain more than three gold capes.

Accomplishments in "Rebel Rising Extended Edition"

Accomplishment in "Rebel Rising Directors Cut"

Accomplishments in "Rebel Rising And Friends"

Individual Accomplishments

Not only does Rebel Rising contain some of the most respectable GvGers, but it also contains players from a variety of walks of life. For each day Rebel Rising plays GvG matches, they also store away a day to go on a Luxon killing spree. In addition, X Ekelon X, a proud member of Rebel Rising who has competed in two monthlies with the guild, has won various honors in Hero Battles. X Ekelon X has many mentions including a match report during the June 1v1 Championship 2007.

Core Roster

The core roster consists of players who regularly play in Automated Tournaments with the guild:

  • Chop Chop The Panda
  • Jatt Kittenstomper
  • Jaden Stone
  • Hexen Redeemer
  • Asp Lode
  • Three Pounds
  • Awowa Classic
  • Torsen Tm
  • Snuff Failface
  • Lego Mezzes Out
  • Scotty From Rawr
Honorable Mentions
  • X Ekelon X
  • R E F L E C T E D

Other Mentions

  • "Both teams ran balanced, highly defensive builds with strong spike power. The primary difference in builds was the third midline character; [rawr] used a Paragon and [sink] used a Mind Shock Elementalist." - [rawr] vs. [sink] by Mark Yu
  • "When [rawr] first started, there was a lot of build making. This did not work well, so for a while they concentrated on one build, a Hex-Pressure build." - Meet Rebel Rising [rawr] (Guild Interview—January 15, 2008) by Billiard

Rawr Cup

Rebel Rising is responsible for conducting the 2008 RAWR Cup.

  • "Using GuildCafe to help deal with the logistics of the undertaking, the guild better known as "Rawr" within the Guild Wars community decided to split the tournament into three tiers in order to make it more accessible to players of varying skill levels." - Rebel Rising Hosting New Guild Wars Tournament from Escapist Magazine


Rebel Rising recruits only the topmost tier of GvGers. To apply, visit the Rebel Rising Recruitment section of the forums

Contact information

You can contact us via the Rebel Rising forums Or at our website

Rebel Rising Alliance
Leader Rebel Rising
Members Inadequately RetiredDark Alley으v트r 9000