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Relentless Aggression [AgRo]

Relentless Aggression AgRo
Guild Relentless Aggression cape.jpg
Territory United States
Language English
Leader Legendary Bluedog
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 27 (11/26/11)
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone GMT -8


AgRo is a PvX guild that is focused on the areas of Domain of Anguish Speed Clears and PvP. The recruitment for each side is separate. We recruit players that have interested in both PvP and DOAsc's. If you only have interest in pvp, we have a place for you. If you only have interest in DOAsc's, we have a place for you. Our specific requirements are on our website.

Contact information

PvE Leader: Legendary Bluedog

PvP Leader: Darkened Faith

PvP Officers:

Merv Green Pants

Monk The Odd

Kyle Malas

PvE Officers:

Lord of Ramen

The Real Melon

Dinin Dyrr

If you would like to contact us, pm any of our officers in game. You can also visit our website at Our leader's email is Our facebook page is located at

Our Times Make you [CrY] Alliance
Leader Our Times Make you [CrY]
Members All Pro Dragon [Djnn] • Be Elzebub [sAtn] • Born From The Flames [PHNX] • Myth and Legends [Myth] • Relentless Aggression [AgRo] • Sliver Like A [Fool] • We Love To Laugh [XD] • Nowhere To Run Nowhere To [HIDE] • Empty as of 12/18/11