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Risen Heroes Of The Apocalypse [YESH][edit]

Risen Heroes Of The Apocalypse [YESH]
Guild Risen Heroes Of The Apocalypse cape.jpg
Territory US/EU
Language English
Leader Alison Hale
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 11
Guild Hall Isle Of Meditation

The Guild was started by Alison Hale as a small and friendly guild with the aims of gaining several active players rather than many inactive ones. The guild gained 200k faction in its week, a testament to the hard work of our active players, and we continue to grow at a healthy rate.

We have a friendly environment within our guild, and do our best to meet the needs of our members, often giving hours at a time to new players who require help.

Recruitment & Information for potential members[edit]

We currently have open membership, and there are no official requirements. However, we should note two guidelines of good behavior within the guild; do not use excessive cursing (mild curses are permitted), and never direct negative or non-constructive comments at anyone within the guild.

Contact information[edit]

Feel free to contact any of our officers for information on how to join;

Alison Hale (Alliance Leader)

Zachiark Atara (Senior Officer for Alliance Affairs)

Ciferou Sei Kia (Senior Officer for Guild Affairs)

X Sin God (Junior Recruiting Officer)

Risen Heroes of the Apocalypse Alliance
Leader Risen Heroes of the Apocalypse
Members Unknown