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Rolling In My Five Point O [NAGA]
Rolling In My Five Point O [NAGA]
Guild Rolling In My Five Point O cape.jpg
Territory America/International
Language English
Leader Raggity Ann
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle
VoIP Vent
Time zone Global

About Us

This guild no longer exists in the world of Guild Wars. I decided to create a new one with a new name. For whatever stupid reason, I can't delete this because Wiki, for some stupid reason, wants you to know about this guild for historical purposes. What those purposes are, I will never know. The new guild is I Know What You Did Last Expans [ion]. Any members that were offline for some time and are suddenly without a guild and would like to join back up, you know who to contact.

Welcome to the [NAGA] Alliance guild page. We currently do not have four [NAGA] guilds along with no alliance of great people. We enjoy everything from PvE, PvP, speed clears, farming, vanquishing, working on our titles, elite areas like The Deep, Urgoz, DoA, doing things like AB, JQ, FA, and much, much more. Most of us are very experienced, active, and up for anything. Don't be afraid if you're a noob. We offer training as well.

Rolling In My Five Point O [NAGA] does not focus more on the PvE side of things (quests, missions, titles, farming, Z-quests, little bit of AB) because we do not exist anymore while the others are not more into speed clears and elite areas. That's not to say we don't join in a Deep or SC run whenever possible though!

We also created a Kurzick guild that anyone is free to switch to at any time to work on their faction titles and such. It's called Kurzick Latrine For Faction [KLF]. Everyone will be an officer so they can add anyone who wants to join. The current contacts are Insidious Johnson, Laura Rae Mesmer, and Oscar Mayerwiener.

Guild Policy and Rules

Just don't be a butthead...!

Not so much a rule but we use the alliance chat, not the guild chat. Not that you can't use the guild chat... but we work together as one and help each other out.

As long as we have them, we expect any non-[NAGA] guilds in the alliance to do the same. If we never see you in the alliance chat and keep to yourselves, you'll be removed to continue playing with yourselves lol :}

Website (still under construction but you can sign up and use the forum)

Contact information

Leader: Ritualist Raggity Ann

Officers: Mesmer Oscar Mayerwiener, Ritualist Raggety Andy, Mesmer Laura Rae Mesmer, Johnsons Beastress

NAGA Alliance

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Leader You Stole My Car
Members Angels Of Protection • Rolling In My Five Point O • Shatter The Republic • Stealer Of Bikes • Step Away From The Ecto • The Wings Of The Eagle