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Strike Force [SF][edit]

Strike Force [SF]
Guild Strike Force cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP/PvE
No. of members ~20
Guild Hall consistently changing
VoIP Ventrilo

Strike Force is a guild originally formed in 1998 in an online game called Magestorm.

Strike Force has always been known more for crazy antics than competitive drive, the main purpose of the guild is to provide fun to a group of friends formed by common online experiences. We do however take our PvP seriously, and GvG dominates our collective guild activities.

Despite having members in many different countries (USA, Great Britain, Canada, Argentina, Germany), Strike Force managed to have several offline meetings in the past and there are plans for further meet ups. Main channels of communication are the boards and the ventrilo server.


Potential recruits should visit the boards and/or our ventrilo server to get into contact with us. We are fairly open to anyone (if we like your nose), but we expect our members to be active in the non-guild wars parts of guild communication. A minimum of guild wars experience is helpful as well.

Past Accomplishments[edit]

  • 16th in Final Beta Weekend Event Ladder (April 2005)
  • 'Went the distance' against the Developers at E3 2005.
  • Ranked 126 in the 'Celestial Tournament'

Contact information[edit]