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The Dead Seven [DEAD][edit]

The Dead Seven [DEAD]
Guild The Dead Seven cape.jpg
Territory North American
Language English
Leader Creeper Shade
Faction Luxon
Type PvE / PvP
No. of members 7
Guild Hall Isle Of The Dead
VoIP Ventrilo
IRC channel #
Webpage Non
Time zone UTC +5

We stand with the Strength of the Mountains;

We move with the Force of the Oceans;

We strike with the Speed of the Wind

We burn with the Flames of the Sun;

We hide in the Shadow of the Wicked;

We shine with the Light of the Rightous;

We leave only the Dead of the Fallen!

We fight as a team or not at all. Our tactic is deceptive force, you do not know our full strength until it has overwhelmed you.

The Dead Seven [DEAD] was founded by Sir Tom Hunter, Hj Reaper, and Creeper Shade. It was created for the purpose of getting our friends into an organized group for PVP and PVE. We participate in occasional AB and Jade Quarry matches. We also form vanquishing parties on the weekends and we participate actively in Z-Missions and Z-Bonuses. Please see the recruitment section if you are interested in joining.

---Sir Tom Hunter 20:27, 18 February 2011 (UTC)


Our guild is very relaxed and has no requirements, except team work and a small level of maturity. If you are interested in joining, please contact a Council Member or one of the Officers.

Contact information[edit]

  • Sir Tom Hunter
  • Hj Reaper
  • Creeper Shade
  • Cole Fardreamer
  • Sully Oleander

Currently looking for more officers.


  • Hj Reaper
  • Sir Tom Hunter
  • Creeper Shade

MSN Messenger:[edit]

  • Hj Reaper
  • Sir Tom Hunter
  • Creeper Shade