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The Legion Of Light [LoL]

The Legion of Light [LoL]
Territory America
Language English
Leader Queen Zeena
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 70
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
Time zone East to West

The Legion of Light is a Christian guild, membered in a Christian alliance. We have been a guild for over three years and a Christian guild for two. We enjoy the fellowship of The Holy Spirit within each of our members, working His way outward through our unique personalities. ALL Christians are welcome, as we are non-partisan. Leadership does rotate within The Legion of Light, with officers taking their monthly roles as leader after a three month breaking in period.

== Recruitment ==Members are encouraged to participate in forum exchanges and event weekends. Activity is not a must, but all inactive members, who are absent for over a three month period, are kicked with a re-invite, should they chose to return :)

== Contact information ==In-game names of present officers/leaders are, in order of join date: Velo Kron, Queen Zeena, Arc Eva, Im Fresh, The Lumphen Dervish, Scary Paladin, Donnie Pvp, Seven Bloodgood, Mr Dash Fletcher, Spamalot of Camalot, Sylis Talon

Spirit Of Elijah Alliance
Leader Spirit Of Elijah
Members The Legion Of Light • Friends Of God • Gods Frozen Chosen • Holy Angels • Reach Guild Wars For ChristSpirit Of ElishaThe Homeslice Crew