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Tote Krieger [TK][edit]

Tote Krieger TK
Guild Tote Krieger cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language German
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members ~30
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Mumble, Teamspeak

Red pionts are dead pionts![edit]

Why do we play Guildwars?

We play Guildwars because of the fun.

Why don't we play Guildwars?

We don't need to be famous, rich or on top of some lists.


We always take good players in.

"Good" is not a matter of

  • Skill
  • Wealth
  • Titles
  • InGame-Time
  • Items ...

But it is a matter of

  • having fun in the game
  • treating other players as persons
  • experimenting with builds not only copying something
  • helping other gamers without beeing asked ...

So come on, don't be shy.

Contact information[edit]

Guardians Of Dreams Alliance
Leader Guardians Of Dreams
Members Bloody Cursed Angels • Der Chaos Trupp • Die Vereinte Macht • Knick Knack Of Bobble Wobble • Organized Chaos X • Rise Of The Devourers Plague • Tote Krieger • Waechter Der Elemente