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The Older Gamers [TOG][edit]

Tribe Of Older Gamers [TOG]
Guild Tribe Of Older Gamers cape.jpg
Territory International
Language English
Faction Kurzick (changes every 6 months, June:January)
Type PvX
No. of members 210+
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
VoIP TeamSpeak, Mumble
Webpage TOGGW DivisionAbout

Founded in 2002, The Older Gamers is a multi-game clan that has established a worldwide player base consisting primarily of North American, European and Australian members. TOG consists of nearly 30 game divisions and is a friendly, vibrant community full of PC gaming addicts from around the world, who are old enough to know how to enjoy ourselves properly!

The TOG Guild Wars Division has existed since the beta weekends, and was honored as Guild of the Week by ArenaNet for the week of November 14-20, 2006. The division is represented in game as an alliance of 5 guilds (3 of which are accepting new members). We consider the five guilds as one and the same (they have identical capes to prove it!), and members converse via Alliance Chat. Players inactive for more than four months are kicked, but are always welcome to re-join at any time.

TOG now finds most of its members working on their Hall of Monuments in preparation of Guild Wars 2, playing through the new content or replaying the old content for fun or to help out others. They are chattering away on Alliance Chat, XFire, and TeamSpeak with many laughs as we share our frustrations and challenges. Members also find harbor in an active forum which allows all members to stay in contact, ask for help, get opinions, and the occasional laugh and joke around.

No faction farming or grouping is required, but is welcomed. Everyone is free to play the game as they see fit within the rules of fair gaming. Regular guild events exist weekly and members are welcome to create and lead events as well.

The head of the alliance is The Older Gamers.


TOG is always accepting new members. The Older Gamers are members of a community for people that still enjoy playing computer games, but are in a bit of an older age bracket (25+) than the stereotypical gamer. Our rules are strict but simple, as we adhere to a high standard of fair and respectful gaming, detailed in our AUP and FAQ on-site.

Existing TOG members can request an invite directly in the Guild Wars Division (Hall of Heroes) - refer to the stickies for instructions.

Recruits new to TOG are required to register on the TOG forum, then make a post in the barracks to apply for full membership (this can take up to a day, please be patient). Once your application is approved, you can then request an invite in the Guild Wars Division forum.

Contact information[edit]

To contact TOG, anyone (whether of minimum TOG age or not) may register as a general user and post a question or comment in the Contact TOG forum at community website. To join the guild, you must be 25 years of age or older and agree to our standard rules. Detailed instructions can be found by clicking the "Register" link in the forums.

The Older Gamers Alliance
Leader The Older Gamers
Members Temple Of Older GamersTemplars Of Older GamersTribe Of Older GamersTower Of Older Gamers