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Warlords Of The Underworld [WoTU][edit]

Warlords Of The Underworld [WoTU]
Territory Europe
Language English / Dutch / Dannish
Leader H E L L S
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP
No. of members 30-40 ( most quit )
Guild Hall Druid's isle
VoIP Ventrillo
Time zone GMT +1


Contact information[edit]

Hells wins games Champen is better than a Charizard


Hells Monteiro

Champen Goes Wild (Charizard evolved)

Laura the German

Debbie the Darter (Protip: its a boy)

Bat the Prot

Fate the Fat

Dan the Homo


Dude the Afk. Again. AGAIN?? /resign

Ritu the (not so) Brave

Amen The Pie

Malis / Aeounyu


Honorable mentions:

Rose, Thof and Ossa for making WoTU the best guild in the world back when gw was fun.

The Story of Fate the Chubby[edit]

Fate was born awesome. There was no doubt. When the doctor pulled him out of his mother, Fate had no gender. Inbetween his legs was a rainbow. This was the starting point of epic things to come. In his early years, Fate created a persona of a loving, funny and jubilant child that was constantly drawn to computer screens and games of the like. With an uncanny natural ability, he obtained hiscores on every game he touched. He was the first to reach 3,333,360 (the maximum score) of Pacman when he was only 7 years old. He then took part in Street Fighter tournaments where he won a total of 29 trophies.

After this, his life took an unsuspecting turn when he stumbled upon the "Real World". Taking up Rugby and girls simultaneously, he flourished in his new environment of non-LCD-based displays.

In 2005, with the release of Guild Wars, he decided to make his mark on Gaming once again and proved in doing so by getting perma-banned for something he never did. ArenaNet new of Fate's threat to the balance of Guild Wars and had to silence him. Fate, now extremely annoyed, argued with ArenaNet because he loved Guild Wars so much. They came to an agreement that if Fate were to stay under the radar and play with a handicap, they will let him play.

And so, in the present days, with Fate's awesomeness constantly increasing, ArenaNet is constantly updating servers to handle the newly designed handicaps for Fate. It was recorded that Fate has been handicapped in 4,620 ways and forced ping delays and random screen blackouts.

Does this bother Fate?

No. He's still Awesome.

And then, he woke up.

Ps. he is also known as the hybrid, a dirty hybrid.

TL;DR: Fate is handicapped.

Transition to Guild Wars 2[edit]

With the upcoming and highly anticipated release of Guild Wars 2, Warlords of the Underworld have set it upon themselves to adapt to the 250 year gulf between the games. The guild has become aware that there will no longer be an Underworld and the Guild Name will therefore become null and void, lost in the effigies of Guild Wars lore. A spritely young WoTU-ian has evoked our rising passion in equilibrium and peace, and we are pleased to announce our adapted Guild Name.

Whales on Tiny Unicycles.


Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown