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We Want Your [SouL]

We Want Your [SouL]
Guild We Want Your cape.jpg
Territory International
Language English
Leader Scout Shadow
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 95-100
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Vent
Time zone CET +1

The guild was founded on 24 Oct 2008 and had on 6 Nov 2008 exactly 50 members, which I am very proud of. We have a very fancy cape (many SouL-Mates assured that) and a full Isle of Meditation guild hall.

Having a solid stock of loyal members we will in the near future join official a-net events alliance battles, guild vs. guild, etc. together. The main intention is having fun - it's a game, so no matter if you win or loose. I'm looking forward to spend some enjoyable hours alongside with many guild and ally members.

More details can be found in our forum.


We Want Your [SouL] too... we're constantly looking for new members so that the inactives can be sorted out. Only a constantly 'refreshed' guild makes fun for all, who play regularly.


We are currently in an alliance with

Luxon New World Order (LUXN)(Alliance Leader)

Spoon Weilding Penguins (fork)

The Alliance is always looking for new Members who contribute to our faction count!

Contact information

If you're interested in joining or have questions just contact me (Scout Shadow) or one of my officers, f. e. Ghalick Wolfsbane, La Solitude Seeress, Black Light of Haru, Brother Beauregard or Z Soul Reaver Z.

The Dawnrise Alliance
Leader The Dawnrise
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