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Wolffestar Clan[edit]

Wolffestar Clan WSC
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Freja Af Wolffestar
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 60~
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone GMT/GMT+1


The clan was originally founded by Shogun Wolffe in August of 2000 in the greatest of online games- Battlemail. The members were split into dojos and each dojo was led by a Master Black Belt as the biggest game in Battlemail at the time was Kung Fu. Not long after the founding of the clan Shogun Wolffe left and handed responsibility over to Psycho 30.

The original members of the clan were: Angmar; Chung Li; Gavin; Master P_Rik; Master Young (MasterDragonTex, Dragon Tex, Sir Dragon Tex); Mr. Meth; Muhd; Shaolin Fighter; Shogun Wolffe (Warlord Wolf); STONE; Warlord Psycho 30 (Shogun Psycho 30).

Unfortunately a year after its creation the Wolffestar Clan lost it's momentum as some of it's members left to join other clans or to set up their own.

Members still active August 2001 [WSC]Dragon; [WSC]Ninjos; ~Kid Brisk~; AlfaWolf; Asciian; BOFH; Bullseye; Calex3000; ChowYunFat; de.tijn; Deifer666; DerEismann; DEVIL eYES; DoubleG WSC/SWD; El Roger; Falcon; Gass; gogasmaluko; Goldfarb; Grant; Hokkman; Iridium; Ivano WSC; Jaako; Jake the Snake; Jan; Jax; Keano; KianFlinchu WSC; Laurence; lucky thirteen; master; Master Big Lu; MasterWangChung; Mental Mother; Mol; Myesterio; N8man WSC; Norviking; psycho30; Rabidy Ewok WSC; Reaper; Reetman; Sam Bam; Sandevistan; Shockwave; Sir Dragon Tex ; Speedy; Superman2k; Tanko; tazman032; TommyGun; Travelogue; Turkey Spanker; Ulfven:WSC; Waylander; White Lotus; WSC ProteusNuke; WSC RoNaN .

Battlemail grew to include Joust and with that the Wolffestar Clan, with the help of Norviking, Sir Ulfven, and Knighro and now with Dragon Tex as its leader, made its way back into the spotlight to become a force to be reckoned with in the town of Oakhaven, the land of Battlemail Joust.

The Wolffestar Clan became one of the strongest clans in Battlemail and as its reputation grew, so did its members. They were there when The Varkk Armies, lead by Bordakk attacked the town of Oakhaven and with the clans standing together they sent them running back North with their tails between their legs. When clans were not joining forces to keep the unwanted elements out of Oakhaven they were fighting amongst themselves in the ROTOK games. Again the wolves proved themselves to be merciless in their pursuit for victory.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and in February of 2003, Battlemail died an untimely death. However, even with their spiritual home gone, the heart and soul of the clan lived on.

Active members after the fall of Battlemail: Allaron; Baby Huey; Bloody Barry; Brightonian; Draco(WSC); Dragon Tex; Firess; Mindtrust (Magic Balls); Rave-N; SBR (Sir Big Rob); Shadow wolf; SilverWolf; Sir Knighro; Sir Ulfven; Skaila; Sleipner (Fenris13); Storm Shadow; tazman (WSC); Warchief; -WSC- Grey Queen; WSC Norviking.

The wolves soon occupied themselves with finding other games to play. Star Rift became a big interest but unfortunately that never got off the ground, though that did not stop the wolves doing what they do best and spammed the forums until we were banished to our own.

With the end of the promise of Star Rift, Rave-N designed a game called Tech-Attack that was great entertainment, not to mention something to be proud of since it was developed by one of our own members. Unfortunately that too had to come to an end and again the wolves were left wandering the World Wide Web in search of the ultimate gaming experience. Soon there were numerous games happening at once with many of the members participating in a majority of them.

By the close of 2004 the Wolffestar Clan was littered all over the gaming community, playing mainly Neorift, ROSE, Ambar, MU Online, Dark Throne and Guild Wars, with a few smaller games in between. The clan continued to grow and go from strength to strength. Of course they would always find their way back to their home on the mountain.

The Guild Wars Beta weekends in November 2004 initiated a whole new period of growth for the clan, with an influx of new young wolf blood as well as some original members, including the following members:

  • Odin*; Aksel Lindbo; ; Endorfin; Cosius; Allaron; Bloody Barry; Brightonian; Bugg; Dragon Tex; Firess; Fnys; Grey Queen; Hellboy; ICE; Jesus; Mindtrust; Night_wish; Norviking; Rave-N; Ravens Soul; Silverwolf; Sir Ulfven; SIRBIGROB; Skaila; Slayer; Sleipner; Sponx; Warchief.

Guild Wars has now become the main game of the WSC and has brought with it many new faces as well as making its presence felt amongst the other in-game guilds.

November 2005: Some of us are still playing Guild Wars but most of our member have now moved on to a game called Travian (so i guess you can call this our main game at the moment) where you start as chief of a small village, either as a Teuton, Gaul or Roman. Your task is to expand your village, trade with your neighbours, find friends and build alliances against your foes, quite many new faces have come to us through this game.

ZePirates is another new game where you control a pirate and fight against your enemies and try to find treasures buy new weapons and finally get a ship and sail out on the sea with your crew. A few of us are still active in Darkthrone, but i guess you can count us on 1 hand soon. July 2006: Lot’s of things has happened in our history since the last update! For awhile a free MMRPG game called Silkroad could almost be pointed out as our main game, since people played less and less Guild Wars, most of us were waiting for the release of Guild Wars Factions and when It finally got launched the activity raised a lot within the clan. We now have around 30-40 active members playing the game, we have also formed an alliance with other in game “guilds/clans” and it has also been a positive boast for us resulting in much more activity. A few other games have been around during this period with different amounts of WSC players, like Rumble Race & Auto Assault.

December 2006: Since this summer Nightfall has come out (3rd stand alone chapter in GW) this brought many new puppies to the mountain. We have also finally got a guild/clan in World Of Warcraft We also found a new game called Albatross18 which is a free online-golf game that is nice when you need a little break.

October 2007: Lot's of things have happend since the last history update, the Guild Wars expansion Eye Of The North is out. World of Warcraft has become a hugh in WSC and there will come another expansion - Wrath of the Lich Kingto the game soon, games like Albatross is no longer played. Xpert Eleven might be something that wsc will become active in, a few players are already there and it might become a hit because it's not very time demanding.

Sorry for the lack of history update since 2007. Yours Sincerly Wsc Mindtrust

Contact information[edit]

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