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Unique staves

Unique staff icons are listed here.

Inventory icon
Armor icons
Warrior-tango-icon-20.png Warrior Yes
Ranger-tango-icon-20.png Ranger Yes
Monk-tango-icon-20.png Monk Yes
Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png Necromancer Yes
Mesmer-tango-icon-20.png Mesmer Yes
Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png Elementalist Yes
Assassin-tango-icon-20.png Assassin Yes
Ritualist-tango-icon-20.png Ritualist Yes
Paragon-tango-icon-20.png Paragon Yes
Dervish-tango-icon-20.png Dervish Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Common Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Costumes Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Hero Yes
Weapon icons unshown
Quest items
Polymock pieces
Shared icons

existing skin[edit]

Ajamduk's Staff.png
Ajamduk's Staff
Alem's Remedy.png
Alem's Remedy
Alsin's Walking Stick.png
Alsin's Walking Stick
Amadis' Air Staff.png
Amadis' Air Staff
Antiquated Staff.png
Antiquated Staff
Arachni's Staff.png
Arachni's Staff
Arbor's Earth Staff.png
Arbor's Earth Staff
Banor's Sacred Branch.png
Banor's Sacred Branch
Bazzr's Staff.png
Bazzr's Staff
Bellok's Staff.png
Bellok's Staff
Blisterbark's Staff.png
Blisterbark's Staff
Bohdabi's Spire.png
Bohdabi's Spire
Bohdalz's Fury.png
Bohdalz's Fury
Bortak's Bone Staff.png
Bortak's Bone Staff
Bredyss' Staff.png
Bredyss' Staff
Chaelse's Staff.png
Chaelse's Staff
Deldrimor Staff
Deldrimor Staff (unique)
Divine Ghostly Staff.png
Divine Ghostly Staff
Divine Shadow Staff.png
Divine Shadow Staff
Eldritch Staff.png
Eldritch Staff
Elsnil's Frigidheart.png
Elsnil's Frigidheart
Everlasting Ghostly Staff.png
Everlasting Ghostly Staff
Everlasting Shadow Staff.png
Everlasting Shadow Staff
Fendi's Staff.png
Fendi's Staff
Ferverborn Staff.png
Ferverborn Staff
Flint's Fleshcleaver.png
Flint's Fleshcleaver
Ghial's Staff.png
Ghial's Staff
Galigord's Stone Staff.png
Galigord's Stone Staff
Gardock's Staff.png
Gardock's Staff
Gorrel's Staff.png
Gorrel's Staff
Grim Ghostly Staff.png
Grim Ghostly Staff
Grim Shadow Staff.png
Grim Shadow Staff
Hahan's Oath.png
Hahan's Oath
Hukhrah's Staff.png
Hukhrah's Staff
Illyana's Staff.png
Illyana's Staff
Ilsundur's Staff.png
Ilsundur's Staff
Inspired Ghostly Staff.png
Inspired Ghostly Staff
Inspired Shadow Staff.png
Inspired Shadow Staff
Ivor's Staff.png
Ivor's Staff
Jacado's Staff.png
Jacado's Staff
Jayne's Staff.png
Jayne's Staff
Kantoh's Walking Stick.png
Kantoh's Walking Stick
Kaolin Accursed Staff.png
Kaolin Accursed Staff
Kaolin Domination Staff.png
Kaolin Domination Staff
Kaolin Protection Staff.png
Kaolin Protection Staff
Kaolin Water Staff.png
Kaolin Water Staff
Kaswa's Gluttony.png
Kaswa's Gluttony
Keshel's Staff.png
Keshel's Staff
Kenrii's Sorrow.png
Kenrii's Sorrow
Kole's Torment.png
Kole's Torment
Koosun's Fire Staff.png
Koosun's Fire Staff
Kunvie's Air Staff.png
Kunvie's Air Staff
Kyril's Fervor.png
Kyril's Fervor
Lonolun's Staff.png
Lonolun's Staff
Lord Glacius' Staff.png
Lord Glacius' Staff
Miki's Staff.png
Miki's Staff
Milefaun's Staff.png
Milefaun's Staff
Milius' Pillar.png
Milius' Pillar
Milthuran's Staff.png
Milthuran's Staff
Modti's Depravation.png
Modti's Depravation
Moteh's Lightning Spire.png
Moteh's Lightning Spire
Nifling's Staff.png
Nifling's Staff
Oola's Staff.png
Oola's Staff
Orosen's Staff.png
Orosen's Staff
Prismatic Staff.png
Prismatic Staff
Rago's Flame Staff.png
Rago's Flame Staff
Rahti's Staff.png
Rahti's Staff
Ritual Lord's Staff.png
Ritual Lord's Staff
Ritualistic Ghostly Staff.png
Ritualistic Ghostly Staff
Ritualistic Shadow Staff.png
Ritualistic Shadow Staff
Runar's Brimstone Staff.png
Runar's Brimstone Staff
Sadi's Benediction.png
Sadi's Benediction
Sanhan's Staff.png
Sanhan's Staff
Scourgewind's Branch.png
Scourgewind's Branch
Shekoss' Staff.png
Shekoss' Staff
Siska's Staff.png
Siska's Staff
Spiritgarden's Repose.png
Spiritgarden's Repose
Ssuns' Staff.png
Ssuns' Staff
Ssyn's Staff.png
Ssyn's Staff
Sulmeng's Staff.png
Sulmeng's Staff
Swiftspell's Staff.png
Swiftspell's Staff
Talous' Staff.png
Talous' Staff
The Darkwish.png
The Darkwish
The Flesheater.png
The Flesheater
The Lifegiver.png
The Lifegiver
The Magekiller.png
The Magekiller
The Maneater.png
The Maneater
The Mindclouder.png
The Mindclouder
The Nightbringer.png
The Nightbringer
The Rapture.png
The Rapture
The Scar Eater.png
The Scar Eater
The Skullflayer.png
The Skullflayer
The Skybringer.png
The Skybringer
The Stonereaper.png
The Stonereaper
The Stormbringer.png
The Stormbringer
The Thundermaw.png
The Thundermaw
The Trickster.png
The Trickster
The Wingshielder.png
The Wingshielder
Tin Dao's Staff.png
Tin Dao's Staff
Villnar's Staff.png
Villnar's Staff
Vokur's Staff.png
Vokur's Staff
Wenslauss' Faith.png
Wenslauss' Faith
Woe Spreader.png
Woe Spreader
Ziinjuu's Sanctuary.png
Ziinjuu's Sanctuary
Zoldark's Staff.png
Zoldark's Staff

special appearance[edit]

Bogroot Staff.png
Bogroot Staff
Brohn's Staff.png
Brohn's Staff
Droknar's Staff.png
Droknar's Staff
Earthbound Staff.png
Earthbound Staff
Exuro's Will.png
Exuro's Will
Kepkhet's Refuge.png
Kepkhet's Refuge
Kerrsh's Staff.png
Kerrsh's Staff
Magmus' Staff.png
Magmus' Staff
Morgriff's Staff.png
Morgriff's Staff
Staff of the Forgotten.png
Staff of the Forgotten
The Mindstealer.png
The Mindstealer
The Yakslapper.png
The Yakslapper
Vanahk's Staff.png
Vanahk's Staff

icon/update needed[edit]

(mind transparency)

Lovisa's Love.png
Lovisa's Love
Morolah's Staff.png
Morolah's Staff
File:Shelkeh's Hex Eater.png
Shelkeh's Hex Eater
File:Staff of Despair.png
Staff of Despair
File:Staff of Ruin.png
Staff of Ruin
File:Staff of the Wanderer.png
Staff of the Wanderer
File:The Bloodburner.png
The Bloodburner
The Soul Reaper.png
The Soul Reaper
Toriimo's Torch.png
Toriimo's Torch