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Non-unique staff icons are listed here.

Inventory icon
Armor icons
Warrior-tango-icon-20.png Warrior Yes
Ranger-tango-icon-20.png Ranger Yes
Monk-tango-icon-20.png Monk Yes
Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png Necromancer Yes
Mesmer-tango-icon-20.png Mesmer Yes
Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png Elementalist Yes
Assassin-tango-icon-20.png Assassin Yes
Ritualist-tango-icon-20.png Ritualist Yes
Paragon-tango-icon-20.png Paragon Yes
Dervish-tango-icon-20.png Dervish Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Common Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Costumes Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Hero Yes
Weapon icons unshown
Quest items
Polymock pieces
Shared icons
Accursed Staff.png
Accursed Staff
Air Staff (normal).png
Air Staff (normal)
Air Staff (metal).png
Air Staff (metal)
Air Staff (lightning spire).png
Air Staff (lightning spire)
Lightning Spire Staff
Amber Staff.png
Amber Staff
Ancient Moss Staff.png
Ancient Moss Staff
Arcane Staff.png
Arcane Staff
Astral Staff.png
Astral Staff
Asuran Staff.png
Asuran Staff
Aureate Staff.png
Aureate Staff
File:Blood Staff.png
Blood Staff
Bo Staff.png
Bo Staff
Bone Staff.png
Bone Staff
Boneclaw Staff.png
Boneclaw Staff
Bone Dragon Staff.png
Bone Dragon Staff
Candy Cane Staff.png
Candy Cane Staff
Celestial Staff.png
Celestial Staff
Channeling Staff.png
Channeling Staff
Charr Staff.png
Charr Staff
Charrslayer Staff.png
Charrslayer Staff
Chrysocola Staff.png
Chrysocola Staff
Clairvoyant Staff.png
Clairvoyant Staff
Cobalt Staff.png
Cobalt Staff
Cockatrice Staff.png
Cockatrice Staff
Communing Staff (conjuring).png
Communing Staff conjuring
Communing Staff (eerie).png
Communing Staff eerie
Conjuring Staff.png
Conjuring Staff
Crescent Staff.png
Crescent Staff
Cruel Staff.png
Cruel Staff
Crystal Flame Staff.png
Crystal Flame Staff
Dark Tendril Staff.png
Dark Tendril Staff
Dead Staff.png
Dead Staff
Deldrimor Staff.png
Deldrimor Staff
Destroyer Staff.png
Destroyer Staff
Divine Staff.png
Divine Staff
Dolyak Prod Staff.png
Dolyak Prod Staff
Dragon Spire Staff.png
Dragon Spire Staff
Dragon Staff.png
Dragon Staff
Earth Staff (core).png
Earth Staff (core)
Earth Staff (Canthan).png
Earth Staff (Canthan)
Earth Staff (Elonian).png
Earth Staff (Elonian)
Earth Staff (obsidian).png
Earth Staff (obsidian)
Earth Staff (crystallized).png
Earth Staff (crystallized)
Eerie Staff.png
Eerie Staff
Elliptical Staff.png
Elliptical Staff
Emanating Staff.png
Emanating Staff
Embercrest Staff.png
Embercrest Staff
Ensorcelling Staff.png
Ensorcelling Staff
Ether Staff.png
Ether Staff
Evil Eye Staff.png
Evil Eye Staff
Fire Staff (core).png
Fire Staff (core)
Fire Staff (Canthan).png
Fire Staff (metal)
Fire Staff (inscribed).png
Fire Staff (inscribed)
Forbidden Staff.png
Forbidden Staff
Fuchsia Staff.png
Fuchsia Staff
Gemstone Staff.png
Gemstone Staff
Ghostly Staff.png
Ghostly Staff
Goldhorn Staff.png
Goldhorn Staff
Goldtouched Staff.png
Goldtouched Staff
Healing Staff.png
Healing Staff
Holy Branch.png
Holy Branch
Holy Staff.png
Holy Staff
Hourglass Staff.png
Hourglass Staff
Hypnotic Staff.png
Hypnotic Staff
Icicle Staff.png
Icicle Staff
Illusory Staff.png
Illusory Staff
Inscribed Staff.png
Inscribed Staff
Insectoid Staff.png
Insectoid Staff
Jade Staff.png
Jade Staff
Jeweled Staff (metal).png
Jeweled Staff (metal)
Jeweled Staff (twin serpent).png
Jeweled Staff (twin serpent)
Lotus Staff.png
Lotus Staff
Moldavite Staff.png
Moldavite Staff
Mossy Walking Stick.png
Mossy Walking Stick
Mursaat Staff.png
Mursaat Staff
Norn Staff.png
Norn Staff
Ominous Staff.png
Ominous Staff
Onyx Staff (core).png
Onyx Staff (core)
Onyx Staff (reward).png
Onyx Staff (reward)
Oppressor's Staff.png
Oppressor's Staff
Outcast Staff.png
Outcast Staff
Plagueborn Staff.png
Plagueborn Staff
Platinum Staff.png
Platinum Staff
Portal Staff.png
Portal Staff
Primitive Staff.png
Primitive Staff
Protective Staff.png
Protective Staff
Pyrewood Staff.png
Pyrewood Staff
Pyric Staff.png
Pyric Staff
Raven Staff.png
Raven Staff
Restoration Staff (conjuring).png
Restoration Staff (conjuring)
Restoration Staff (curved).png
Restoration Staff (curved)
Scrying Glass Staff.png
Scrying Glass Staff
Shadow Staff.png
Shadow Staff
Smiting Staff.png
Smiting Staff
Soul Shrieker.png
Soul Shrieker
Soul Spire.png
Soul Spire
Spawning Staff.png
Spawning Staff
Spinal Staff.png
Spinal Staff
Suntouched Staff.png
Suntouched Staff
Tempest Staff.png
Tempest Staff
Tengu Staff.png
Tengu Staff
Tidal Staff.png
Tidal Staff
Tormented Staff.png
Tormented Staff
Turquoise Staff.png
Turquoise Staff
Undead Staff.png
Undead Staff
Unholy Staff.png
Unholy Staff
Wailing Staff.png
Wailing Staff
Water Staff (core).png
Water Staff (core)
Water Staff (Canthan).png
Water Staff (metal)
Water Staff (inscribed).png
Water Staff (inscribed)
Wicked Staff.png
Wicked Staff
Winged Staff.png
Winged Staff
Wintergreen Staff.png
Wintergreen Staff
Zodiac Staff.png
Zodiac Staff

Shared icons[edit]

Dead Staff.png Dead Staff, Inscribed Staff, Fire Staff (inscribed), Water Staff (inscribed), Cruel Staff Healing Staff.png Healing Staff, Holy Staff Accursed Staff.png Accursed Staff, Wicked Staff Ether Staff.png Ether Staff, Portal Staff Eerie Staff.png Eerie Staff, Communing Staff Conjuring Staff.png Conjuring Staff, Communing Staff, Restoration Staff, Spawning Staff Air Staff (lightning spire).png Air Staff (lightning spire), Lightning Spire Staff Jeweled Staff (twin serpent).png Jeweled Staff (twin serpent), Twin Serpent Staff


(better proposals may be discussed on the talk page)
note: notice that the proposals should comply with the weapon pages that are to be split. (the split proposals on the articles do most often not comply with the names listed here, but should be adjusted to the minorcase rule)

Image:Air Staff (core).png

Image:Air Staff (Canthan).png
Image:Air Staff (lightning spire).png
Image:Communing Staff (conjuring).png
Image:Communing Staff (eerie).png
Image:Earth Staff (core).png
Image:Earth Staff (Canthan).png
Image:Earth Staff (Elonian).png

Image:Earth Staff (obsidian).png

Image:Earth Staff (crystallized).png
Image:Fire Staff (core).png
Image:Fire Staff (Canthan).png
Image:Fire Staff (dead?).png
Image:Jeweled Staff (metal).png
Image:Jeweled Staff (twin serpent).png
Image:Restoration Staff (conjuring).png

Image:Restoration Staff (curved).png

Image:Water Staff (core).png
Image:Water Staff (Canthan).png
Image:Water Staff (dead?).png
Image:Onyx Staff (core).png
Image:Onyx Staff (reward).png