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Quest items

Quest item icons are listed here.

Inventory icon
Armor icons
Warrior-tango-icon-20.png Warrior Yes
Ranger-tango-icon-20.png Ranger Yes
Monk-tango-icon-20.png Monk Yes
Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png Necromancer Yes
Mesmer-tango-icon-20.png Mesmer Yes
Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png Elementalist Yes
Assassin-tango-icon-20.png Assassin Yes
Ritualist-tango-icon-20.png Ritualist Yes
Paragon-tango-icon-20.png Paragon Yes
Dervish-tango-icon-20.png Dervish Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Common Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Costumes Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Hero Yes
Weapon icons unshown
Quest items
Polymock pieces
Shared icons
5 Tarnished Platinum Coins.png
5 Tarnished Platinum Coins
Aloe Root.png
Aloe Root
Ancient Parchment.png
Ancient Parchment
Arcane Crystal Shard.png
Arcane Crystal Shard
Ascalon Census.png
Ascalon Census
Barradin Family Urn.png
Barradin Family Urn
Barradin's Tithe.png
Barradin's Tithe
Bear Pelt.png
Bear Pelt
Beautiful Feather.png
Beautiful Feather
Beautiful Pearl.png
Beautiful Pearl
Beautiful Pendant.png
Beautiful Pendant
Blessed Cowbell.png
Blessed Cowbell
Bloody Heart.png
Bloody Heart
Book of Secrets.png
Book of Secrets
Bottom Left Map Piece.png
Bottom Left Map Piece
Bottom Right Map Piece.png
Bottom Right Map Piece
Bowl of Skalefin Soup.png
Bowl of Skalefin Soup
Box of Sparklers.png
Box of Sparklers
Branch of Juni Berries.png
Branch of Juni Berries
Broken Flute.png
Broken Flute
Broken Toy.png
Broken Toy
Carved Buckeye.png
Carved Buckeye
Ceremonial Family Sword.png
Ceremonial Family Sword
Chalice of Corruption.png
Chalice of Corruption
Charr Intelligence.png
Charr Intelligence
Cold One (item).png
Cold One (item)
Cryptic Scroll Piece.png
Cryptic Scroll Piece
Crystal Snowflake.png
Crystal Snowflake
Devourer Egg.png
Devourer Egg
Diamond Key.png
Diamond Key
Drake Kabob.png
Drake Kabob
Eldritch Sextant.png
Eldritch Sextant
Elonian Mirror.png
Elonian Mirror
Encrypted Charr Battle Plans.png
Encrypted Charr Battle Plans
Experimental Elixir (item).png
Experimental Elixir (item)
Exquisite Surmia Carving.png
Exquisite Surmia Carving
Family Crest.png
Family Crest
Festival Dyes.png
Festival Dyes
Fiery Unguent.png
Fiery Unguent
Giant Tusk.png
Giant Tusk
Golden Lantern.png
Golden Lantern
Golden Phoenix Feather.png
Golden Phoenix Feather
Grimoire Arcanum.png
Grimoire Arcanum
Hammer of Kathandrax.png
Hammer of Kathandrax
Handful of Roasted Chestnuts.png
Handful of Roasted Chestnuts
Head of Xiriss Stickleback.png
Head of Xiriss Stickleback
Hunk of Fresh Meat.png
Hunk of Fresh Meat
Hunter's Horn.png
Hunter's Horn
Iboga Blossom.png
Iboga Blossom
Incubator Kit.png
Incubator Kit
Inscribed Shard.png
Inscribed Shard
Jade Brotherhood Guild Cape.png
Jade Brotherhood Guild Cape
Juicy Heket Leg.png
Juicy Heket Leg
Jun's Art Supplies.png
Jun's Art Supplies
Kappa Trap.png
Kappa Trap
Kilnn Testibrie's Crest.png
Kilnn Testibrie's Crest
Kilnn Testibrie's Cuisse.png
Kilnn Testibrie's Cuisse
Kilnn Testibrie's Greaves.png
Kilnn Testibrie's Greaves
Kilnn Testibrie's Pauldron.png
Kilnn Testibrie's Pauldron
Kree Minotaur Hide.png
Kree Minotaur Hide
Letter for Jatoro's Mother.png
Letter for Jatoro's Mother
Letter from Ambassador Zain.png
Letter from Ambassador Zain
Letter to Mom.png
Letter to Mom
Lilac Eye.png
Lilac Eye
Litanies of the Unseen.png
Litanies of the Unseen
Magical Compass.png
Magical Compass
Margonite Gemstone.png
Margonite Gemstone
Mark of Aidan.png
Mark of Aidan
Marking Web.png
Marking Web
Mehkuunah Plant Sample.png
Mehkuunah Plant Sample
Melodic Gaki Horn.png
Melodic Gaki Horn
Message for Armin Saberlin.png
Message for Armin Saberlin
Message from Barradin.png
Message from Barradin
Message on a Dragon Scale.png
Message on a Dragon Scale
Militia Weapon.png
Militia Weapon
Mossy Rock.png
Mossy Rock
Mysterious Message (Nightfall item).png
Mysterious Message (Nightfall item)
Neersi's Wine.png
Neersi's Wine
Nesting Material.png
Nesting Material
Nong Berries.png
Nong Berries
Notched Sword.png
Notched Sword
Official Papers.png
Official Papers
Ore Ingots.png
Ore Ingots
Ornate Box.png
Ornate Box
Orrian Tablet Shard.png
Orrian Tablet Shard
Orrian Tome.png
Orrian Tome
Pahnai Salad.png
Pahnai Salad
Palawa Joko's Scepter.png
Palawa Joko's Scepter
Paomu's Coin Purse.png
Paomu's Coin Purse
Paulus's Holy Symbol.png
Paulus's Holy Symbol
Plague Remedy.png
Plague Remedy
Poisonous Stinger.png
Poisonous Stinger
Preserved Red Iris Flower.png
Preserved Red Iris Flower
Prismatic Gelatinous Material.png
Prismatic Gelatinous Material
Purified Hunter's Horn.png
Purified Hunter's Horn
Puuba's Custom Sword.png
Puuba's Custom Sword
Raiyan Spring Water Vial.png
Raiyan Spring Water Vial
Ralena's Cure.png
Ralena's Cure
Rare Antique Elonian Vase.png
Rare Antique Elonian Vase
Red Iris Flower.png
Red Iris Flower
Rhythm Wing.png
Rhythm Wing
Royal Message.png
Royal Message
Royal Scribe's Papers.png
Royal Scribe's Papers
Ruby Key.png
Ruby Key
Ruined Armor.png
Ruined Armor
Rune of DOOM.png
Rune of DOOM
Sack of Grain.png
Sack of Grain
Sapphire Key.png
Sapphire Key
Scarab Spore.png
Scarab Spore
Scriptures of Abaddon.png
Scriptures of Abaddon
Scroll of Rebellious Rhetoric.png
Scroll of Rebellious Rhetoric
Secret Orders from Evennia.png
Secret Orders from Evennia
Settlement Blanket.png
Settlement Blanket
Settlement's Strongbox.png
Settlement's Strongbox
Sharp Charr Tooth.png
Sharp Charr Tooth
Shimmering Essence.png
Shimmering Essence
Shimmering Scale.png
Shimmering Scale
Shimmering Scale Necklace.png
Shimmering Scale Necklace
Shipment Crate.png
Shipment Crate
Shipment of Ink.png
Shipment of Ink
Silver Ring.png
Silver Ring
Small Girl's Cape.png
Small Girl's Cape
Sparkling Kappa Shell.png
Sparkling Kappa Shell
Special Present.png
Special Present
Spectral Crystal.png
Spectral Crystal
Spirit Essence.png
Spirit Essence
"Springtime for Varesh" Script.png
"Springtime for Varesh" Script
Stolen Present.png
Stolen Present
Stone of the Elements.png
Stone of the Elements
Storm Rider Tissue Sample.png
Storm Rider Tissue Sample
Stygian Gemstone.png
Stygian Gemstone
Succulent Juniper Meat.png
Succulent Juniper Meat
Supplies for the Orphans.png
Supplies for the Orphans
Swamp Flower.png
Swamp Flower
Symon's History of Ascalon (item).png
Symon's History of Ascalon (item)
Tai Ling Buds.png
Tai Ling Buds
Tapestry Shred.png
Tapestry Shred
Tasca's Axe.png
Tasca's Axe
Tasca's Boots.png
Tasca's Boots
Tasca's Compass.png
Tasca's Compass
Tasca's Map.png
Tasca's Map
Tasca's Pack.png
Tasca's Pack
Tattered Bear.png
Tattered Bear
Tattered Girl's Cape.png
Tattered Girl's Cape
The Heart of Ice.png
The Heart of Ice
Titan Gemstone.png
Titan Gemstone
Togo's Ultimatum (item).png
Togo's Ultimatum (item)
Token of Janthir.png
Token of Janthir
Top Left Map Piece.png
Top Left Map Piece
Top Right Map Piece.png
Top Right Map Piece
Torment Gemstone.png
Torment Gemstone
Treated Hides.png
Treated Hides
Urn of Althea's Ashes.png
Urn of Althea's Ashes
Vanguard Eggnog.png
Vanguard Eggnog
Votive Candle.png
Votive Candle
War Machine Plans.png
War Machine Plans
Warm One.png
Warm One
Written Testimony.png
Written Testimony
Yomindhe's Journal.png
Yomindhe's Journal
Zehtuka's Great Horn.png
Zehtuka's Great Horn