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Non-unique focus icons are listed here.

Inventory icon
Armor icons
Warrior-tango-icon-20.png Warrior Yes
Ranger-tango-icon-20.png Ranger Yes
Monk-tango-icon-20.png Monk Yes
Necromancer-tango-icon-20.png Necromancer Yes
Mesmer-tango-icon-20.png Mesmer Yes
Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png Elementalist Yes
Assassin-tango-icon-20.png Assassin Yes
Ritualist-tango-icon-20.png Ritualist Yes
Paragon-tango-icon-20.png Paragon Yes
Dervish-tango-icon-20.png Dervish Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Common Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Costumes Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Hero Yes
Weapon icons unshown
Quest items
Polymock pieces
Shared icons
Air Prism.png
Air Prism
Asuran Focus.png
Asuran Focus
Aureate Chalice.png
Aureate Chalice
Aureate Lamp.png
Aureate Lamp
The Bison Cup.png
Bison Cup, The
Bleached Skull.png
Bleached Skull
Blessed Chalice.png
Blessed Chalice
Blood Knife.png
Blood Knife
Bone Charm.png
Bone Charm
Bone Idol.png
Bone Idol
Butterfly Mirror.png
Butterfly Mirror
Celestial Compass.png
Celestial Compass
Censor's Icon.png
Censor's Icon
Ceremonial Cauldron.png
Ceremonial Cauldron
Charr Focus.png
Charr Focus
Charrslayer Focus.png
Charrslayer Focus
Chimeric Eye.png
Chimeric Eye
Chimeric Prism.png
Chimeric Prism
Destroyer Focus.png
Destroyer Focus
Deldrimor Focus.png
Deldrimor Focus
Divine Scroll.png
Divine Scroll
Divine Symbol (cup).png
Divine Symbol (chalice)
Divine Symbol (loop).png
Divine Symbol (loop)
Earth Prism.png
Earth Prism
Earth Scroll.png
Earth Scroll
Eerie Focus (Nightfall).png
Eerie Focus (Nightfall)
Fire Prism.png
Fire Prism
Flame Artifact (eye).png
Flame Artifact (eye)
Flame Artifact (flame).png
Flame Artifact (flame)
Frost Artifact.png
Frost Artifact
Gilded Artifact.png
Gilded Artifact
Gingerbread Focus.png
Gingerbread Focus
Golden Chalice.png
Golden Chalice
Grim Cesta (claw).png
Grim Cesta (claw)
Grim Cesta (gauntlet).png
Grim Cesta (gauntlet)
Grim Cesta (gorgon).png
Grim Cesta (gorgon)
Gwen's Broken Flute.png
Gwen's Broken Flute
Hallowed Idol.png
Hallowed Idol
Healing Ankh.png
Healing Ankh
Holy Vial.png
Holy Vial
Idol (hand).png
Idol (hand)
Inscribed Chakram (metal).png
Inscribed Chakram (metal)
Iridescent Prism.png
Iridescent Prism
Iron Ladle.png
Iron Ladle
Ivory Crescent.png
Ivory Crescent
Jeweled Chakram (metal).png
Jeweled Chakram (metal)
Jeweled Chalice.png
Jeweled Chalice
Luminescent Lantern.png
Luminescent Lantern
Majestic Focus.png
Majestic Focus
Mursaat Focus.png
Mursaat Focus
Norn Focus.png
Norn Focus
Ominous Eidolon.png
Ominous Eidolon
Oppressor's Focus.png
Oppressor's Focus
Paper Fan.png
Paper Fan
Paper Lantern.png
Paper Lantern
Plagueborn Focus.png
Plagueborn Focus
Pronged Fan.png
Pronged Fan
Protective Icon.png
Protective Icon
Skull Brush.png
Skull Brush
Spined Focus.png
Spined Focus
Starfish Focus.png
Starfish Focus
Stone Chakram.png
Stone Chakram
Storm Artifact.png
Storm Artifact
Straw Effigy.png
Straw Effigy
Tengu Focus.png
Tengu Focus
Tiger's Roar.png
Tiger's Roar
Tormented Focus.png
Tormented Focus
Undead Focus.png
Undead Focus
Water Prism.png
Water Prism
Wolf's Favor.png
Wolf's Favor
Wooden Chakram.png
Wooden Chakram
Writhing Focus.png
Writhing Focus


(better proposals may be discussed on the talk page; icons could possibly be reuploaded with specific disambig naming)

Inscribed Chakram (metal).pngWooden Chakram.png
Inscribed Chakram
Jeweled Chakram (metal).pngStone Chakram.pngFocus.png
Jeweled Chakram
Jeweled Chalice.pngAureate Chalice.png
Jeweled Chalice
Focus.pngBlood Knife.pngGrim Cesta (gorgon).pngGrim Cesta (claw).pngGrim Cesta (gauntlet).png
Grim Cesta
Divine Symbol (cup).pngDivine Symbol (loop).png
Divine Symbol
Flame Artifact (eye).pngFlame Artifact (flame).png
Flame Artifact

Shared icons[edit]

Accursed Icon (gorgon).png
Accursed Icon, Grim Cesta, Idol
Channeling Focus.png
Channeling Focus, Communing Focus, Eerie Focus (Factions), Glowing Focus
Accursed Icon (diamond).png
Accursed Icon, Focus (weapon), Grim Cesta, Inscribed Chakram, Jeweled Chakram
Stone Chakram.png Jeweled Chakram, Stone Chakram
Wooden Chakram.png
Wooden Chakram, Inscribed Chakram
Aureate Chalice.png
Aureate Chalice, Jeweled Chalice
Blood Knife.png
Blood Knife, Grim Cesta, Idol
Writhing Focus.png
Writhing Focus, Restoration Focus
Protective Icon.png
Diessa Icon, Protective Icon
Flame Artifact (eye).png
Flame Artifact (eye), Gazing Eye Artifact