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Icon Name Skill history Page
Dash.jpg Dash No Dash/Skill history
Recall.jpg Recall Yes Recall/Skill history
Shadow Walk.jpg Shadow Walk No Shadow Walk/Skill history
Signet of Twilight.jpg Signet of Twilight No Signet of Twilight/Skill history
Signet of Malice.jpg Signet of Malice No Signet of Malice/Skill history
Aura of Displacement.jpg Aura of Displacement No Aura of Displacement/Skill history
Shadow Meld.jpg Shadow Meld No Shadow Meld/Skill history
Mark of Instability.jpg Mark of Instability No Mark of Instability/Skill history
Spirit Walk.jpg Spirit Walk No Spirit Walk/Skill history
Swap.jpg Swap No Swap/Skill history
Wastrel's Collapse.jpg Wastrel's Collapse No Wastrel's Collapse/Skill history
Assault Enchantments.jpg Assault Enchantments No Assault Enchantments/Skill history
Lift Enchantment.jpg Lift Enchantment No Lift Enchantment/Skill history
Palm Strike.jpg Palm Strike No Palm Strike/Skill history
Shadow Shroud.jpg Shadow Shroud No Shadow Shroud/Skill history
Shadow Prison.jpg Shadow Prison No Shadow Prison/Skill history
Locust's Fury.jpg Locust's Fury No Locust's Fury/Skill history
Shroud of Silence.jpg Shroud of Silence Yes Shroud of Silence/Skill history
Seeping Wound.jpg Seeping Wound No Seeping Wound/Skill history
Mark of Insecurity.jpg Mark of Insecurity No Mark of Insecurity/Skill history
Shadow Form.jpg Shadow Form Yes Shadow Form/Skill history
Golden Skull Strike.jpg Golden Skull Strike No Golden Skull Strike/Skill history
Fox's Promise.jpg Fox's Promise No Fox's Promise/Skill history
Beguiling Haze.jpg Beguiling Haze Yes Beguiling Haze/Skill history
Hidden Caltrops.jpg Hidden Caltrops No Hidden Caltrops/Skill history
Dark Apostasy.jpg Dark Apostasy No Dark Apostasy/Skill history
Moebius Strike.jpg Moebius Strike No Moebius Strike/Skill history
Siphon Strength.jpg Siphon Strength No Siphon Strength/Skill history
Way of the Assassin.jpg Way of the Assassin No Way of the Assassin/Skill history
Way of the Empty Palm.jpg Way of the Empty Palm No Way of the Empty Palm/Skill history
Flashing Blades.jpg Flashing Blades No Flashing Blades/Skill history
Temple Strike.jpg Temple Strike No Temple Strike/Skill history
Feigned Neutrality.jpg Feigned Neutrality No Feigned Neutrality/Skill history
Return.jpg Return No Return/Skill history
Assassin's Promise.jpg Assassin's Promise No Assassin's Promise/Skill history
Blades of Steel.jpg Blades of Steel No Blades of Steel/Skill history
Black Spider Strike.jpg Black Spider Strike No Black Spider Strike/Skill history
Blinding Powder.jpg Blinding Powder No Blinding Powder/Skill history
Critical Strike.jpg Critical Strike No Critical Strike/Skill history
Caltrops.jpg Caltrops No Caltrops/Skill history
Desperate Strike.jpg Desperate Strike No Desperate Strike/Skill history
Death's Charge.jpg Death's Charge No Death's Charge/Skill history
Unsuspecting Strike.jpg Unsuspecting Strike No Unsuspecting Strike/Skill history
Golden Phoenix Strike.jpg Golden Phoenix Strike No Golden Phoenix Strike/Skill history
Death's Retreat.jpg Death's Retreat No Death's Retreat/Skill history
Sharpen Daggers.jpg Sharpen Daggers No Sharpen Daggers/Skill history
Nine Tail Strike.jpg Nine Tail Strike No Nine Tail Strike/Skill history
Exhausting Assault.jpg Exhausting Assault No Exhausting Assault/Skill history
Dark Prison.jpg Dark Prison No Dark Prison/Skill history
Death Blossom.jpg Death Blossom No Death Blossom/Skill history
Jagged Strike.jpg Jagged Strike No Jagged Strike/Skill history
Mirrored Stance.jpg Mirrored Stance No Mirrored Stance/Skill history
Crippling Dagger.jpg Crippling Dagger No Crippling Dagger/Skill history
Shattering Assault.jpg Shattering Assault No Shattering Assault/Skill history
Repeating Strike.jpg Repeating Strike No Repeating Strike/Skill history
Golden Lotus Strike.jpg Golden Lotus Strike No Golden Lotus Strike/Skill history
Deadly Paradox.jpg Deadly Paradox No Deadly Paradox/Skill history
Unseen Fury.jpg Unseen Fury No Unseen Fury/Skill history
Viper's Defense.jpg Viper's Defense No Viper's Defense/Skill history
Heart of Shadow.jpg Heart of Shadow No Heart of Shadow/Skill history
Fox Fangs.jpg Fox Fangs No Fox Fangs/Skill history
Shadow of Haste.jpg Shadow of Haste No Shadow of Haste/Skill history
Disrupting Dagger.jpg Disrupting Dagger No Disrupting Dagger/Skill history
Black Lotus Strike.jpg Black Lotus Strike Yes Black Lotus Strike/Skill history
Shadow Refuge.jpg Shadow Refuge No Shadow Refuge/Skill history
Horns of the Ox.jpg Horns of the Ox Yes Horns of the Ox/Skill history
Wild Strike.jpg Wild Strike No Wild Strike/Skill history
Golden Fox Strike.jpg Golden Fox Strike No Golden Fox Strike/Skill history
Critical Eye.jpg Critical Eye No Critical Eye/Skill history
Twisting Fangs.jpg Twisting Fangs No Twisting Fangs/Skill history
Assassin's Remedy.jpg Assassin's Remedy No Assassin's Remedy/Skill history
Critical Defenses.jpg Critical Defenses No Critical Defenses/Skill history
Black Mantis Thrust.jpg Black Mantis Thrust No Black Mantis Thrust/Skill history
Falling Spider.jpg Falling Spider No Falling Spider/Skill history
Disrupting Stab.jpg Disrupting Stab No Disrupting Stab/Skill history
Jungle Strike.jpg Jungle Strike No Jungle Strike/Skill history
Deadly Haste.jpg Deadly Haste No Deadly Haste/Skill history
Malicious Strike.jpg Malicious Strike No Malicious Strike/Skill history
Dancing Daggers.jpg Dancing Daggers No Dancing Daggers/Skill history
Mark of Death.jpg Mark of Death No Mark of Death/Skill history
Expunge Enchantments.jpg Expunge Enchantments No Expunge Enchantments/Skill history
Way of Perfection.jpg Way of Perfection No Way of Perfection/Skill history
Shameful Fear.jpg Shameful Fear No Shameful Fear/Skill history
Shadowy Burden.jpg Shadowy Burden No Shadowy Burden/Skill history
Signet of Shadows.jpg Signet of Shadows No Signet of Shadows/Skill history
Shroud of Distress.jpg Shroud of Distress No Shroud of Distress/Skill history
Enduring Toxin.jpg Enduring Toxin No Enduring Toxin/Skill history
Siphon Speed.jpg Siphon Speed No Siphon Speed/Skill history
Dark Escape.jpg Dark Escape No Dark Escape/Skill history
Way of the Lotus.jpg Way of the Lotus No Way of the Lotus/Skill history
Scorpion Wire.jpg Scorpion Wire No Scorpion Wire/Skill history
Entangling Asp.jpg Entangling Asp No Entangling Asp/Skill history
Leaping Mantis Sting.jpg Leaping Mantis Sting No Leaping Mantis Sting/Skill history
Iron Palm.jpg Iron Palm No Iron Palm/Skill history
Impale.jpg Impale Yes Impale/Skill history
Trampling Ox.jpg Trampling Ox Yes Trampling Ox/Skill history
Critical Agility.jpg Critical Agility No Critical Agility/Skill history
Falling Lotus Strike.jpg Falling Lotus Strike No Falling Lotus Strike/Skill history
Vampiric Assault.jpg Vampiric Assault No Vampiric Assault/Skill history
Signet of Deadly Corruption.jpg Signet of Deadly Corruption No Signet of Deadly Corruption/Skill history
Way of the Fox.jpg Way of the Fox No Way of the Fox/Skill history
Shadow Fang.jpg Shadow Fang No Shadow Fang/Skill history
Shadow Sanctuary.jpg Shadow Sanctuary No Shadow Sanctuary/Skill history
Signet of Toxic Shock.jpg Signet of Toxic Shock No Signet of Toxic Shock/Skill history
Mantis Touch.jpg Mantis Touch No Mantis Touch/Skill history
Expose Defenses.jpg Expose Defenses Yes Expose Defenses/Skill history
Smoke Powder Defense.jpg Smoke Powder Defense No Smoke Powder Defense/Skill history
Golden Fang Strike.jpg Golden Fang Strike No Golden Fang Strike/Skill history
Lotus Strike.jpg Lotus Strike No Lotus Strike/Skill history
Sadist's Signet.jpg Sadist's Signet No Sadist's Signet/Skill history
Augury of Death.jpg Augury of Death No Augury of Death/Skill history
Assassin's Remedy (PvP).jpg Assassin's Remedy (PvP) No Assassin's Remedy (PvP)/Skill history
Way of the Master.jpg Way of the Master No Way of the Master/Skill history
Shadow Form (PvP).jpg Shadow Form (PvP) No Shadow Form (PvP)/Skill history
Shroud of Distress (PvP).jpg Shroud of Distress (PvP) No Shroud of Distress (PvP)/Skill history
Unseen Fury (PvP).jpg Unseen Fury (PvP) No Unseen Fury (PvP)/Skill history
Death Blossom (PvP).jpg Death Blossom (PvP) No Death Blossom (PvP)/Skill history
Wild Strike (PvP).jpg Wild Strike (PvP) No Wild Strike (PvP)/Skill history
Fox Fangs (PvP).jpg Fox Fangs (PvP) No Fox Fangs (PvP)/Skill history
Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP).jpg Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP) No Signet of Deadly Corruption (PvP)/Skill history
Shadow Theft.jpg Shadow Theft Yes Shadow Theft/Skill history