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Icon Name Skill history Page
Convert Hexes.jpg Convert Hexes No Convert Hexes/Skill history
Guardian.jpg Guardian No Guardian/Skill history
Mend Ailment.jpg Mend Ailment No Mend Ailment/Skill history
Life Bond.jpg Life Bond Yes Life Bond/Skill history
Rebirth.jpg Rebirth No Rebirth/Skill history
Zealous Benediction.jpg Zealous Benediction Yes Zealous Benediction/Skill history
Mend Condition.jpg Mend Condition No Mend Condition/Skill history
Protective Bond.jpg Protective Bond Yes Protective Bond/Skill history
Life Barrier.jpg Life Barrier No Life Barrier/Skill history
Vital Blessing.jpg Vital Blessing Yes Vital Blessing/Skill history
Mark of Protection.jpg Mark of Protection Yes Mark of Protection/Skill history
Restore Condition.jpg Restore Condition Yes Restore Condition/Skill history
Life Sheath.jpg Life Sheath Yes Life Sheath/Skill history
Divert Hexes.jpg Divert Hexes No Divert Hexes/Skill history
Mending Touch.jpg Mending Touch No Mending Touch/Skill history
Dismiss Condition.jpg Dismiss Condition No Dismiss Condition/Skill history
Extinguish.jpg Extinguish No Extinguish/Skill history
Pensive Guardian.jpg Pensive Guardian No Pensive Guardian/Skill history
Pacifism.jpg Pacifism Yes Pacifism/Skill history
Shield of Absorption.jpg Shield of Absorption No Shield of Absorption/Skill history
Life Attunement.jpg Life Attunement No Life Attunement/Skill history
Aegis.jpg Aegis Yes Aegis/Skill history
Reversal of Fortune.jpg Reversal of Fortune No Reversal of Fortune/Skill history
Draw Conditions.jpg Draw Conditions Yes Draw Conditions/Skill history
Shield of Regeneration.jpg Shield of Regeneration No Shield of Regeneration/Skill history
Shielding Hands.jpg Shielding Hands No Shielding Hands/Skill history
Amity.jpg Amity Yes Amity/Skill history
Shield of Deflection.jpg Shield of Deflection Yes Shield of Deflection/Skill history
Air of Enchantment.jpg Air of Enchantment Yes Air of Enchantment/Skill history
Reverse Hex.jpg Reverse Hex No Reverse Hex/Skill history
Shield Guardian.jpg Shield Guardian Yes Shield Guardian/Skill history
Purifying Veil.jpg Purifying Veil No Purifying Veil/Skill history
Aura of Stability.jpg Aura of Stability No Aura of Stability/Skill history
Spirit Bond.jpg Spirit Bond No Spirit Bond/Skill history
Aegis (PvP).jpg Aegis (PvP) Yes Aegis (PvP)/Skill history
Aura of Faith.jpg Aura of Faith No Aura of Faith/Skill history
Spirit Bond (PvP).jpg Spirit Bond (PvP) No Spirit Bond (PvP)/Skill history
Protective Spirit.jpg Protective Spirit No Protective Spirit/Skill history