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Icon Name Animation File
Healing Breeze.jpg Healing Breeze Yes Image:Healing Breeze animation.gif
Orison of Healing.jpg Orison of Healing No Image:Orison of Healing animation.gif
Heal Party.jpg Heal Party Yes Image:Heal Party animation.gif
Healing Seed.jpg Healing Seed Yes Image:Healing Seed animation.gif
Healing Touch.jpg Healing Touch Yes Image:Healing Touch animation.gif
Live Vicariously.jpg Live Vicariously No Image:Live Vicariously animation.gif
Words of Comfort.jpg Words of Comfort No Image:Words of Comfort animation.gif
Jamei's Gaze.jpg Jamei's Gaze No Image:Jamei's Gaze animation.gif
Dwayna's Kiss.jpg Dwayna's Kiss Yes Image:Dwayna's Kiss animation.gif
Dwayna's Sorrow.jpg Dwayna's Sorrow Yes Image:Dwayna's Sorrow animation.gif
Ethereal Light.jpg Ethereal Light Yes Image:Ethereal Light animation.gif
Healing Light.jpg Healing Light No Image:Healing Light animation.gif
Gift of Health.jpg Gift of Health Yes Image:Gift of Health animation.gif
Heal Area.jpg Heal Area Yes Image:Heal Area animation.gif
Heal Other.jpg Heal Other Yes Image:Heal Other animation.gif
Healing Burst.jpg Healing Burst No Image:Healing Burst animation.gif
Healing Whisper.jpg Healing Whisper Yes Image:Healing Whisper animation.gif
Karei's Healing Circle.jpg Karei's Healing Circle No Image:Karei's Healing Circle animation.gif
Light of Deliverance.jpg Light of Deliverance No Image:Light of Deliverance animation.gif
Renew Life.jpg Renew Life No Image:Renew Life animation.gif
Restore Life.jpg Restore Life No Image:Restore Life animation.gif
Supportive Spirit.jpg Supportive Spirit No Image:Supportive Spirit animation.gif
Resurrection Chant.jpg Resurrection Chant No Image:Resurrection Chant animation.gif
Signet of Rejuvenation.jpg Signet of Rejuvenation No Image:Signet of Rejuvenation animation.gif
Infuse Health.jpg Infuse Health No Image:Infuse Health animation.gif
Glimmer of Light.jpg Glimmer of Light Yes Image:Glimmer of Light animation.gif
Healer's Covenant.jpg Healer's Covenant Yes Image:Healer's Covenant animation.gif
Healing Hands.jpg Healing Hands No Image:Healing Hands animation.gif
Cure Hex.jpg Cure Hex Yes Image:Cure Hex animation.gif
Healing Ribbon.jpg Healing Ribbon No Image:Healing Ribbon animation.gif
Spotless Mind.jpg Spotless Mind No Image:Spotless Mind animation.gif
Spotless Soul.jpg Spotless Soul No Image:Spotless Soul animation.gif
Patient Spirit.jpg Patient Spirit No Image:Patient Spirit animation.gif
Restful Breeze.jpg Restful Breeze No Image:Restful Breeze animation.gif
Healing Ring.jpg Healing Ring Yes Image:Healing Ring animation.gif
Light of Deliverance (PvP).jpg Light of Deliverance (PvP) No Image:Light of Deliverance (PvP) animation.gif
Vigorous Spirit.jpg Vigorous Spirit No Image:Vigorous Spirit animation.gif
Mending.jpg Mending No Image:Mending animation.gif
Restore Life.jpg Restore Life No Image:Restore Life animation.gif
Heal Party (PvP).jpg Heal Party (PvP) No Image:Heal Party (PvP) animation.gif
Word of Healing.jpg Word of Healing No Image:Word of Healing animation.gif