Passing the Buck

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Passing the Buck
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Minister Tahlen
in Bukdek Byway
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
Passing the Buck1.jpg
Route to Ministers Tahlen and Khannai
Passing the Buck2.jpg
Route to Minister Onghsang
Passing the Buck3.jpg
Route to Guardsman Pah.

Trawl through the bureaucratic systems of the Celestial Ministry to distribute the medical supplies to civilians.

Quest information[edit]




Leaving from Kaineng City, head directly southeast through Bukdek Byway and cross the bridge to receive the quest from Minister Tahlen, then talk to Minister Khannai who is nearby. Map travel to The Marketplace, exit south into Wajjun Bazaar and talk to Minister Baasong who is just outside the portal. Head back through the marketplace to the northeast over the bridge to talk to Minister Onghsang. Map travel to Nahpui Quarter (outpost) and exit north into Wajjun Bazaar, following the last quest marker to talk to Guardsman Pah to receive the quest reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Minister Tahlen

"The ministry has finally approved a long-overdue shipment of medical supplies, and I need to see to it that they are distributed. Unfortunately, regulations require that one of my supervisors oversee the distribution, but I am too busy to see him personally."
"Speak with Minister Kannai and make sure things get taken care of, would you?"
Yes Accept: "Certainly."
No Decline: "Get someone else to push your pills!"
Ask Ask: "There is no time to waste! The medical supplies need to be distributed. Please speak with Minister Khannai."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Minister Khannai

"Medical supplies? Minister Tahlen is correct that it is not within his jurisdiction to oversee the distribution of supplies, but unfortunately, it is not within mine, either. You want to speak to Minister Baasong. He should be stationed in Wajjun Bazaar."

Minister Baasong

"What is this about medical supplies? I am afraid I do not know anything about that. It is entirely out of my area of expertise, and what is more, even if I had any idea what to do about it, I would not have the time to deal with it for at least another month. If my memory serves me, I believe Minister Onghsang might be able to take care of it for you. He works in Bukdek Byway."

Minister Onghsang

"We received a shipment of medical supplies? News to me. Guardsman Pah has been pestering me for a shipment of replacement supplies for over a week now. Give him the details; he will see to it the supplies are distributed where they are needed."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Guardsman Pah

"I have been begging the Celestial Ministry for additional supplies for months. Thank the gods it has finally happened! Where are they being warehoused? How much stock arrived? Never mind, it is not your job. I will ask around, perhaps one of them knows."