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Creature Reskins[edit]

The mods in this section alter the appearance or rendering of creatures or characters. You will need to download uMod or TexMod to apply these modifications.

Black Tiger (Beastmaster) Pet[edit]

Changes the White tiger pet into a Black Tiger skin.

Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh -> Greased Lightning[edit]

Changes the "Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh" into the "Greased Lightning".

Candy Corn Colors[edit]

Replaces Textures Of the candy Corn (You use a Tonic to Become Candycorn)

Chocobo Moa[edit]

Replaces White Moa animal companion with blue-eyed, yellow "Chocobo" style moa.

Evil Grinch[edit]

Changed the Grinch texture to make him look a little more Evil.

Eye of Horus Dark Female (Paragon) Skin[edit]

Dark eye mascara in the form of the eye of horus, blue and gold eye, sapphire earring. As you know mods focusing on player skins apply to that specific player for a number of reasons. So I have uploaded my edited skin in .dds (layered image) format. Pull your skins texture then replace it with this (be sure to copy the name over) and package to get a tpf.

Forest Minotaur to Bladed Aatxe[edit]

This mod changes the Forest Minotaur into a Bladed Aatxe, both the mini pet and full size foe. The inventory icon remains the same.

Hound Re-Skin[edit]

Takes the Hound of Balthazar and changes his colors (Yellow, Red, White, Blue, and Black). Note: also changes the color of the fire if one is burning.

Icy Black Widow[edit]

Changes your old dull Black Widow into an Icy looking Spider

Improved Henchmen Armor[edit]

This is a mod for all henchmen armors in Tyria (including EotN),Cantha, and Elona. Updated 4/12/09! Redid all the photoshopping, and got rid of duplicate textures, cutting the size in almost half!

Improved Pet Skins[edit]

This mod aims to make all the pets look better. Includes all pets but Hound of Balthazar.

Mad King <3's Blade Radio[edit]

Mad King Thorn shows his support for Blade Radio.

Mini Destoyer flame[edit]

Replaces the standard mini destroyer flame animation with a more deeper red color as well as changes the fire dots on the shield of the destroyer and if you have one your destroyer shield.

Panaku Eyes[edit]

Male Assassins Can Have Panaku's Eyes, Just toggle hiding and showing headpieces and hats for them to show.

Panda Pet[edit]

Changes the bear pet into a panda
Bear -> Panda Bear

Polar Bear Pet[edit]

Changes the bear pet into a polar bear
Bear -> Polar Bear

Red Spirits[edit]

This Mod is kinda like User:Emerald z's mod to change spirits from their regular color to green. Exept that this version changes them to red. Since I dont care enough about the skill icons, I left them alone. This mod affects all ritualist spirits and ranger spirits.

Sad April Fool Gwen[edit]

Changes the April Fool(2009) Gwen into a Sad Gwen.

Xunlai Agent[edit]

Replaces the dull dress of the Xunlai to something a little more unique.

Xunlai Weighted Companion Chest[edit]

The Xunlai Guild wishes to remind you that the Xunlai Weighted Companion Chest will never threaten to stab you...
and in fact, can not speak. {Unintended side effect, any other chest using the same skin as Xunlai, will have this look)